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Wanndo_intro Get ready Florida teachers!  The South Florida DEN invites you to join us at Wannado City’s Back to School Open House event. This is an amazing opportunity for you (especially if you have kids) to come connect with one another and be amazed at what they have created at Wannado City for kids.  The day is absolutely FREE for you and 2 of your kids. Wannado City is an amusement park for kids to discover the enterpreneur in them.  It is truly a place where kids can do whatever they WANNADO! They can be dentists, lawyers, doctors, pilots, news reporters and a plethora of exciting career choices.

Be_an_officer I had the privilege of meeting with Laura and Shelly, the marketing directors for Wannado on Tuesday and we knew immediately that we have the same heart for teachers.  Wannado_signWannado City has invited all teachers in Palm Beach, Broward and Miami Dade Counties to come to the park on Saturday, Aug. 26th.  The South Florida Discovery Educator Network invites ALL DEN members to join us for a one hour sharing session and then a Day of Discovery in the park for FREE!  Incredible!

Wwwwh_1 Here are the details:
Who?  Any elementary or middle school teacher in Palm Beach, Broward or Miami Dade Counties OR Florida DEN member.
What? A Day of Discovery in this incredible entrepreneurial experiment for kids.
When? Saturday, Aug. 26th 8:15 (check in) until you are done in the park.
Where?  Wannado City in the Sawgrass Mills Mall, Sunrise, FL.First_park  See the their website for driving directions
How? RSVP by Aug. 22nd to Wannado City by calling 954.514.6057. You will need to bring you teacher ID at check in.  For more details, Download invites_wannado.pdf

For DEN members anywhere in Florida, you also need to RSVP to me by email: Karen_Seddon@Discovery.com by Aug. 22nd.  I am looking for only four (4) DEN members who are willing to share how they use unitedstreaming in their classroom for our own private party at Wannado City.  There will be a cool prizes for any of you who would like to present.

I will be creating a lesson plan for teachers to use to bring their classes to Wannado City that are correlated to the Sunshine State Standards and will be introducing the DEN to the the teachers from Broward, Palm Beach and Miami Dade.  It would be great to have some of your there is tell about your experiences in the DEN.

Ubiquitous1_8 As always, I am
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  1. Danielle Abernethy said:

    Looks great Karen! I should be there with Joey and Zoe. I’ll make sure North Florida knows about the invite.

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