Survivor Tip #8 and Invitation

Nancy Pegg is one of our fantastic Discovery Educator Network Members from Middleton Burney Elementary in Putnam County. She’s actually in the Bass Capital of the World – which made it a very tempting place for relocation. This summer she sat in on a one day session on Digital Storytelling and decided to sahre some great tips for those also tempted to try their hand at this craft.

I have a couple tips that might help beginners with Movie Maker,unitedstreaming and Photo Story 3.  I was having difficulty putting narration in Movie Maker on my laptop.  Tip 1:  If you break up your narration into shorter segments it will easily allow you to input it on the timeline.  Tip 2:  Regarding Photo Story 3, I found that I had forgotten to make sure my pictures were jpeg before selecting them for use.  (If you use gif images it will look grainy when you have it run full screen in Media Player.) Hope this helps someone else-I wish I had known!!

Thanks Nancy! I’m sure there are others who also will enjoy this tip.

We had a great Back to School Bash at the Tropicana Baseball field and several of our friends from South Florida were able to make it to make it extra special. They have just invited us to their Back First_parkto School Bash on Saturday, Aug. 26th 8:15 AM (check in). They are holding it at this really cool place called Wannado City in the Sawgrass Mills Mall, Sunrise, FL.  See the their website for driving directions. DEN members anywhere in Florida, need to RSVP to Karen by email: by Aug. 22nd. (Let me know if you’re going to be there too!  I encourage all of you to check out this great site, at least virtually.


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  1. Tom Turner said:

    I’d love to come down there…but I don’t think my boss at the golf course I work PT at would enjoy me taking another day off on a weekend 🙁

    Thanks for the invite though Karen!

  2. Chris Craft said:

    That is a great tip about breaking up narration, it makes moviemaker less prone to crash, too. Moviemaker tends to function much better with smaller files even if there are a large number of them. I would still save really frequently!!

    Chris Craft

  3. Cheryl Woolwine said:

    THanks for the tip. It will definetly come in useful as we create our stories!
    Wish I could attend the bash but it is just a little too far! You guys have fun and I look forward to hearing about it!

  4. Michelle Brown said:

    Thanks for that tip. I created a show using the Photo Story 3 and had the problem of not being able to email unless I used that feature(email) and then it made my pictures grainy because it compressed the pictures to fit email. Maybe that was the reason. I will go back and check to see. Thanks again!

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