Great Fun in South Florida

Deerfield_beach_024 It is an amazing gift to travel to places in Florida that I would have never had theDe_table_cloth  opportunity to visit except that great teachers live there!  Last week I had the privilege to work with three distinct groups of educators:  the whole faculty of Coral Springs Christian Academy, some of our Palm Beach DEN members and the elementary computers teachers of Palm Beach County Schools. I also had a terrific gift because Shannon Gaumer, DEN Field Manager for PA/DE, came and trained with me!Shannon_1

Wanndo_intro_1 After meeting with Wannado City to arrange for our Back to School event on Aug. 26th, I meet with Karen Dearen, Media Specialist for Coral Springs Christian Academy to make sure all our ducks were in a row for our Day of Discovery on Thursday.  The Headmaster and principals of CSCA gave each of their teachers a 512 MB memory stick for a back to school gift.  What perfect timing for unitedstreaming training!  Shannon and I were able to teach thCoral_springs_christian_academyem how to download their movies to their memory sticks and especially how to take them out properly. Thanks Coral Springs Christian Academy teachers.  It was a great day.

Macaroni_grill_group On Thursday night we had a special treat.  Our little DEN in Palm Beach is quickly growing.  Each DEN member who came to dinner brought a potential DEN member and all but one signed up!  Shannon and I got a lot of crazy looks as we flitted around with our butterfly wings.  (I had to cut her out of the Karen_wings picture because her eyes were closed 🙁 Sorry Shannon.)

Photostory2 Friday was a lot of fun.  32 elementary computer teachers came to Cookie Davis’s Media Center at Alexander W. Drefoos School the Arts. Poor Cookie, they had just jack-hammered her beautiful Media Center the day before to put in some new electric sockets and there was dust everywhere.  We all chipped in and got the place ready in no time.  After an intro to Visual Literacy and the famous Germs demo of the power of short video segments, the teachers rotated through three breakout sessions:  Assignment Builder (hands-on with Shannon), PhotoStory and Alfonso_and_liz_1unitedstreaming images with me and Writing Prompt and Quiz Builder with a very special secret guest presenter!  We also were able to present COSMEO and recruit a few more DEN members.  Go Palm Beach!

Special thanks to Lee Kolbert, our DEN leader with the mostest in Palm Beach County.  None of this would be possible without your leadership, Lee.  Thanks so much.

Ubiquitous1_9 As always, I am
Ubiquitously Yours,


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