Survivor Tip #9

Hardworking Jenny Beyer from Leon County has created a great tip sheet to share with her teachers. She sent me the tips to pull from and share with those reading the blog.

Downloading videos: Create a folder on your desktop titled "unitedstreaming" and save all videos there. You can do this by clicking on the download button (disk symbol), and telling it where to save. When you get the save window, click on the folder with the astrik mark. This allows you to create a new folder in the selected location. Name it unitedstreaming and then click open. You’ll then be prompted to save the video. By doing this you have your videos easily accessible, even if the server goes down.

Another tip about creating folders for videos: If you are planning a unit and will be creating PowerPoints or other multimedia projects, create a folder for all the materials. So if you’re creating a Space unit, create  space folder on your desktop. This keeps everything organized, allows you to easily move it from one location to another (ie: your desktop to your usb drive to your computer at home).

Thanks Jenny! Jenny’s now in the running with the other tip sharers to win a Discovery Prize! If you document that you shared this invaluable tip and send it to me, then you also have a chance to win a prize.


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