Survivor Tip #10

This tip is an extension of Polk County’s Virginia Richard’s tip on the use of Interactive Training.

This week I’m in Union County training teachers on unitedstreaming and Discovery Health Connection. This county is a dream for teachers when it comes to technology! Their Technology Director, Scott Woodall, really works with the teachers in providing all that his budget can. Each middle school and high school classroom has a projector, and the elementary is not far behind. But you don’t want the bragging points of this great little district, you want the tip.

Okay, so we’re in training and I take them to the Professional Development Section. I mention that it’s a great follow up to this training, especially since we only had 2 hours and that included Discovery Health. Scott then says, "if you complete the Interactive Training, then that can count as your follow up."

Follow up? Basically, Florida schools have to provide a follow up to any training to ensure that the teachers understood it and are going to use it within 30 days of the training. WOW! That’s smart. I’ve talked to other teachers and they say it can seem bothersome, but as a former technology coach – I can see the benefit. So if you’re looking for an easy follow up activity to unitedstreaming introduction training, check out the Interactive Training in Professional Development.

Oh, and DEN members, don’t forget that this Friday ends the opportunity for you to win a Discovery shirt or bag (and get an activity point) based on the DEN Certification Module. This is found by going to unitedstreaming>>Professional Development>>Interactive Training>>Look under the modules and you’ll see the link! Send me a copy of your certificate when you finish the training. (

And document sharing this tip with other technology trainers in your district. Send me the documentation and count it as one of your events!


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  1. Donna Harris said:

    Danielle, as know I loved your presentation and found unitedstreaming to be a very valuable resource. Now that I am signed up as a DEN member, I am looking forward to conducting workshops at my school and surrounding counties. My first workshop is going to be with the science teachers. I have a PPT template prepared and the topic is going to be “how to create a science fair project”. Wish me luck

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