And the winners are…

Wow, we got a ton of entries in our ‘caption contest‘.  They were judged by an impartial trio of people who work near my desk.  After spending all day reviewing the submissions and arguing bitterly over the merits of each, they have finally made their decision.  It was extremely close, so close that they wound up picking out a winner as well an honorable mention.

And the winning captions are….

Winner: "Shhhh, Hall. It vill be dark soon and ve vill be free to fly into ze night!"

Honorable Mention: "Crate Expectations"

Now, the winning caption was provided by Susan Staat, our very own Northern California field manager.  However, since Discovery employees were ineligible from winning the prize (it was written there in teeny tiny white print), it will go to the provider of the honorable mention caption, which was submitted by Chris Craft! 

Congrats to both Susan and Chris!  Chris will be recieving a a wireless presentation device with a built in laser pointer.

Thanks for participating everybody.  Expect more caption contests in the future!


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  1. Chris Craft said:

    Woo hoo!!! I can’t believe I actually won something for being such a PUNdit. I try to be punny at times, but it usually doesn’t work.


  2. Aaron Smith said:

    Bah, that wireless presentation device probably isn’t Mac compatible!

    /sour grapes 😉

    Congrats, guys, you deserve it!

  3. Suz said:

    Yay, Chris! I’m so glad that you won the presentation mouse. I loved your “Crate Expectations” caption. Very clever!
    Should we let the readers in on the little secret that we actually know each other?? We were on the same team for the week at the National Leadership Conference held at Discovery’s Headquarters in Silver Spring, Maryland! It was terrific to work with you. You’re such a creative, intelligent and witty educator. Congratulations Chris!!!

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