Learning Adds Up with Cosmeo

Learning Adds Up with COSMEO

COSMEO is the online homework help tool, powered by Discovery Channel, for report research, learning games, and more.  It includes:

·    30,000 educational video segments correlated to each state’s curriculum standards.

·    Over 15,000 quizzes tied to educational video segments.

·    More than 20,000 images and clip art animations to use in projects and reports.

·    An encyclopedia with more than 27,000 full-text articles.

·    Over 200 trusted links to teacher-selected websites.

·    Family settings that allow parents to ensure an age-appropriate experience for their students.

·    With the helpful point system and viewing history feature, parents can track their student’s progress.

·    From addition to advanced algebra, WebMath can illustrate step-by-step math solutions to any problem taught in school.

·    200+ "Brain Games" — interactive simulations and learning activities.

Parents purchase COSMEO via a program called Learning Adds Up, which is a unique partnership opportunity.  Schools, districts and/or parent organizations register for FREE at http://www.LearningAddsUp.com and when a parent purchases COSMEO via the Learning Adds Up website, a portion of their subscription fee will automatically go back to the registered school or district. Schools can earn on average 15-25%.   

Discovery recognizes that not all families have the resources to take advantage of COSMEO at home. Therefore to help maintain equity in the schools, Discovery will provide one free COSMEO subscription per school library.  Schools must be registered for the Learning Adds Up program and have unitedstreaming to take advantage of this offer.

For more information on getting started with Learning Adds Up, please contact Brendan Wilkin at (800) 323-9084 x 7263 or Brendan_Wilkin@Discovery.com


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