The Next Contest for South Florida

The DEN never ceases to amaze me. I’m always learning something new.  Steve Dembo put one of these cool polls out, then Danielle used one and Lee in Palm Beach, so now I can even do one.  Try it with your kids.  It’s safe and collects no personal data!

I will be running an active DEN member contest from September 1, 2006 through October 31, 2006.  What would you like the contest to be?

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  1. Chris Craft said:

    I think it should be most comments, I start the bidding with one! Well, I guess it doesn’t count since I’m in South Carolina! Good luck Karen, with your new contest!

    Chris Craft
    from DEN NLC 06

  2. Lee Kolbert said:

    I agree that is should be most comments. This will allow DEN members to get used to whole discussion board/blog thing and strengthen the online community. Most people are still “lurkers.”

  3. Kaye Oakley said:

    I agree with the most comments. I am a “lurker” and often need to be encouraged to get more involved…this would do it! See…it’s already working!

  4. Debbie Bohanan said:

    What a great idea, points for comments. Will it only count on the South FL blog or all DEN blogs?

  5. Danielle Abernethy said:

    Hmmmm………I say you make it for all blogs- Debbie. That means not only does Karen have to read your comments on her site, she has to keep up with the other blogs. 🙂 Make her work.
    Seriously, we all try to keep up with the blogs and comments on other sites. (I once caught Tom Turner commenting (during shark week) on the Northern California blog so I gave him a shark for trolling in their waters.) But we miss a lot of comments. It’s easier to go through our own comment list. We have access to that one. The others we have to click on each comment section.
    Karen, on that note, I’ll be glad to give you a list of SFLDEN (almost looks like SEDDON when in all caps) comment on the NFL Blog – that’s the DEN not football NFL Blog.

  6. Karen Seddon said:

    Not that I want to discourage South FL DEN members from commenting on other blogs, but if we go with a “most comments on a blog” contest, I would go with North and South Florida ONLY. Floridians need to stick together, hey? It will be very easy for everyone to see how they are doing right on line and they only have to check two sites. I’ll give the poll one week and see what the results are before I make the decision. Happy commenting!

  7. Debbie Bohanan said:

    I can live with only counting comments on the two FL blogs. It’s fun to pop in on Danielle and the NFL gang to see what’s going on.

    Did you know COSMEO is an option when buying a DELL computer?

  8. Danielle Abernethy said:

    And did you know that if you buy something from Sears you get a free 3 month Cosmeo subscription? 🙂

  9. Brook Peabody said:

    I had to crash the South Florida DEN Blog. I voted for the unitedstreaming tips with the blogging a close second if not a tie. Danielle blogs everywhere so I am trying to keep up. I say all of florida should be in the contests equally.

  10. Karen Seddon said:

    Hey Brook! – All of Florida in the contest is fine by me. Let’s see what Danielle thinks. She will surely find our commments if she’s the blogger we think she is!

  11. Danielle Abernethy said:

    Okay, again I’m game. I like comments on blogs. Makes me feel like I’m not “blabbering” to myself. :-). What are the prizes? My DEN members want the usb speakers. I’ll do a drawing for those. What do you think Brook? I’m not doing most comments though because not all DEN teachers can access the blogs at school and need to cheat with the subscription tip. They email me their comments. So how about for every 3 comments your name is in? Oh, and the top blogging comments will get you a spot for the November 11th SUPER DEN Member Activity that is limited to 10 Members. 🙂

  12. wendy norton said:

    I think the ideas on comments is the best idea. It gives us a change to share and bounce our ideas around. Sure, Karen would need to find all the comments, it sure would keep her busy.

  13. Cheryl Woolwine said:

    I like the blogging contest. not only does it encourage us to “blabber” together, a little healthy rivalry is always good!

  14. Karen Seddon said:

    According to the poll above “most ideas on how to use unitedstreaming” is winning. You can’t tell from all these comments! I haven’t set the prize yet but the USB powered speakers that I have are sweet. Just think, no plug, no wires and a cute little case to boot. They are a unitedstreaming classroom teacher’s dream prize. I’ll give the poll until the end of the week and will let you know the next contest AND prize(s)!

  15. Karen Seddon said:

    For Wendy, keeping track of blog comments is a piece of cake compared to DEN dollars. Bring on the challenged. I’d love it!

  16. Tom Turner said:

    I’d have to agree with you Karen. We Floridian teachers have so much in common, except for location to use the geography I teach. As Danielle pointed out, I’m constantly trolling the other region’s blogs for the mere fact that I find it interesting and you never know what you will find there. Too bad all my past posts won’t count. I will just have to spam you all some more!!!!

  17. Sylvia Vigo-Smith said:

    I myself picked the “mini-lesson” idea. I like to see other teachers’ ideas and then challenge my own creativity to work on my own projects. Blogging is great, but by viewing others creativeness through lessons and activities that I haven’t thought of myself, it allows me to see other variations of something I’ve taught and am looking for another way of teaching it.

  18. Fotini Guzman said:

    Creative ways to use United Streaming or mini lessons will be great. I agree with Sylvia. It’s nice to see what everyone is really doing with all these resources.

  19. Brook Peabody said:

    Okay Danielle, I am in for the challenge. USB speakers sound fine to me and the 3 posts for an in seems fair. Since none of Polk can blog at school.

  20. Christine Brink said:

    I love the poll! Would work great for science fair projects. Greetings from North Fl!

  21. Michele Futch said:

    The Blogging is always a good one. You know people are reading what you are saying when you have to write about it?

    But, whatever is chosen will be fine with me. I will participate no matter what!!! The North Florida DENmaster can choose and we will do it!

  22. Diane Darling said:

    I agree that I am more of a lurker. I am just not into the blogging. I think some of you people must have lots of time on your hands. I like to download movies and look at other peoples lessons. I am always looking for new things to excite my elementary students. Either the most mini lessons or the most pictures for everyones use would excite me.

  23. Michele Futch said:


    Are you saying we are DEN Geeks? LOL

    I think a lot of us that blog have met each other before at various events, the Summer Institute, NECC, etc. and feel a common bond. I know that is what makes me curious to see what it going on and what they are saying. I don’t blog anywhere else.

    I have met quite a few of the S. Florida DEN members at our N. Florida events and at the DEN Summer Institute in Atlanta. I enjoy reading what they have to say and responding occasionally. DEN has been a great “total” experience for me!

    I also like to win!

  24. Debbie Bohanan said:

    This is a great survey tool. I also like the feature that only allows you to vote once. It will be a great tool for my students. I can’t wait to try it out.


  25. Vicky Torrey said:

    I guess I should add in my 2-cent worth. I am also a lurker, who likes downloading videos as well. After reading other bloggers’ comments here, I don’t feel so estranged. Nevertheless, this inactivity must surely end and I should quit being so lax and share. Even if it’s just a brief comment. I guess it doesn’t have to be an essay, just checking in and adding to the dialogue…

    -Vicky Torrey

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