Weekly Update: August 18, 2006

Lance Update
I know many of you might be wondering what Lance is doing in his new position– I thought I should share this video so you can see what kind of trouble his love for Diet Coke got him into.  If you want a GREAT laugh, check out this home video to find out 1) What happens when you combine Mentos and Diet Coke? 2) How many Mentos can fit in a mouth and 3) Just what will happen if someone tries to keep their mouth (filled with Mentos and Diet Coke) shut tight.
To watch the video check out the Blog…. Warning… it might take a little while for the movie to load… but Lance is definitely worth the wait! Download den_mentos_diet_coke.mov


Over the last couple months, I have been talking about the power of Cosmeo.
Cosmeo is the online homework help tool, powered by Discovery Channel, for report research, learning games, and more.  It includes:
    30,000 educational video segments correlated to each state’s curriculum standards.
    Over 15,000 quizzes tied to educational video segments.
    More than 20,000 images and clip art animations to use in projects and reports.
    An encyclopedia with more than 27,000 full-text articles.
    Over 200 trusted links to teacher-selected websites.
    Family settings that allow parents to ensure an age-appropriate experience for their students.
    With the helpful point system and viewing history feature, parents can track their student’s progress.
    From addition to advanced algebra, WebMath can illustrate step-by-step math solutions to any problem taught in school.
    200+ "Brain Games" — interactive simulations and learning activities.

Well, I have some exciting news—I have some FREE cosmeo accounts available for my DE/PA Discovery Educators.  This is a great tool for any parent or teacher who wants to test drive the site to see what a powerful homework tool this is. I only have a limited number of accounts so if you are interested, please e-mail or leave a comment to the post ASAP.

Summer Vacations   Den_berlin_1

Anne Reardon, Joe Brennan, and Carol Anne McGuire, three discovery educators, traveled to Berlin, Germany and then to Prague, Czech Republic this summer.  They themselves, along with 57 other educators, were on a mission to create curriculum materials focused on helping students and teachers become more aware of the world around through a trip sponsored by Apple Distinguished Educators Program.  All of these products, as well as the vast amount of knowledge the educators came away with, are being turned into curriculum products for students from PreK-12th grade as well as pre-service teachers.  Congratulations, to these three Discovery Educators it sounds like you were part of a phenomenal trip!!

If you did something special this summer and want to share your experiences with other educators in the state e-mail me and we can feature your story in our Blog. 

Dpb_walden_2_2 Walden is ready for Travel

Walden is anxious to get back on the road and do some traveling this school year.  If you and your class would like to host Walden at your school please let me know.  He is well rested, well fed  and excited for his next adventure– let me know if you want to be one of his tour guides.

Logging Events

Don’t forget to complete the events log so I can give you credit for all your hard work!  I am still keeping track of Summer Events and the educator with the most recorded workshops by August 30th will receive a goodie package for the beginning of the school year.  The deadline is fast approaching so get those events in to me soon! Download den_event_summary.doc


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    Shannon, I have a problem. Walden is not wearing a hair net or gloves, he can’t be working in a cafeteria!

    Enjoy the kickoff season with your DEN’ers!

    Chris Craft
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