Survivor Tip #12

Mary Cox from Leon County – you rock! I was cc’d on an email that she sent out to her teachers and want to share with you some highlights from it. First, it’s mandatory for all teachers in Leon County to sign up for their username and password for unitedstreaming. Of course, once you sign up you realize all the jewels that are there and you’re hooked! You’re going to use it.

Leon County is also stepping up to the plate for the highest usage contest. Now we’re doing this all over – someone in treasure chest of goodies at the end of this month, and again at the end of September. Everyone who turns in their events has a chance to win a personal and school prize.

In Mary’s email to her faculty she says, "One of the features I like the best is that you may download little video strips instead of whole videos to illustrate points in your classroom." Those little clips are sometimes all you need. Great way to grab not only the students attention, but the teachers interest.

We’ve got Brook’s tip tomorrow, a Google + unitedstreaming tip later this week from Tom, and a few others as well coming up. Are you sharing these tips? Document it and turn it into me for your chance to win prizes.


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  1. Debra Gastelum said:

    I think we’ll send emails to our faculty too! Seems that if they get it in print, they’re more likely to go back to it and remember to sign up.

  2. Tom Turner said:

    Another comment from me? Geesh, I wonder what that would be this time ;p

    As the Team Leader of my team, I’m spending five minutes out of each of my weekly team meetings to go over features of unitedstreaming. So far it’s worked, 3 of my teachers this past week have already come to me in our common planning time asking for tips on integrating it into their curriculum.

  3. Bethany Rosenhack said:

    I come in and set it all up for my team in the morning so they just have to hit play. I know it is a ton of work, but I am hoping that the content will hook them and they will become a junkie like me!

  4. Mary Cox said:

    Here’s another tip for helping new teachers sign up to United Streaming. I taped a business card with my school address and school email address right on the front of my work computer, so if they are sitting at my computer and I’m guiding them through registration, they can just copy the address. Many new teachers don’t know the school address or their new email addresses and will forteit registering if they have to go and find it. 🙂
    I signed up three today and they finished because those addresses were right there. 🙂

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