Bear_1As many of you heard I had quite an eventful week.  But it doesn’t seem to give up.  A few days ago, we discovered bees swarming one our brick barbeque in the backyard!  So being in the hero of the house, my hubby took off to "Good Ole" Home Depot today.  Next thing I knew my dog, Bear, was running around the house…. Why you ask?!?!  Well, let’s just say my hero decided to do a "test" and spray a few to see if they died instantly… right next to the hive.  Hmmm…. Let’s just say "Myth Busted" Mass swarming occured… I’ll leave it there… especially since he’s standing behind me right now.

When we returned from dinner and the swarming had subsided we returned outside to find hundreds of little dead bees.  (Does that mean myth "confirmed" or "plausible")  The first thing we saw was a small huddle of bees, still hanging on and still protecting (huddling around) their queen. Til death do you part I suppose!  Then of course I had to have my hero lift the lid to examine the combs.  I was thrilled to find 3!  No honey yet… but perfect little honey combs.  I am quite the tactile person and upon feeling it learned that it’s quite slimy.   My hubby gave me the whole run down as his fater used to raise bees!   

Protecting_the_queen 3combs SlimyPerfect_comb 

So the teacher in me decided to turn this into a bit of a lesson.  (Even after being a year out of the classroom the need to turn ANYTHING into SOMETHING still runs through the veins!) Of course I ran inside and started searching on unitedstreaming.  I learned that bees need to travel to 10,000 flowers to create 1 tsp of honey and 2 million to create a bottle full from a great clip titled "Busy Bees"  I also noticed that we have the Magic School Bus movie titled "In the Bee Hive"  In addition we had articles, AUDIO clips, images, quizzes, events, and clip art!  (Here’s a reason why you never give your username and password to students… I noticed one movie was on "The Birds and the Bees" now don’t go checkin!)

I have 3 little honey combs that I would love to mail out to some teachers that could use it as part of their lessons.  Does anyone out there teach about bees?


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  1. linda in san diego said:

    Jannetta, you live a life of adventure – but you don’t seem to need to go to it, it comes to you!

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