Photostory Perks

We had a terrific webinar today… but the best part about it was not what I was sharing… but what YOU were sharing.  The topic of our 30 minute tutorial was the free download Photostory.  I shared how to use the program and then we spent some time discussing how we could use it in the classroom. Here’s what some feedback some of our attendees shared via email after the call. It’s long but worth the read!  After, post a comment and let us know your thoughts on the educational applications of Photostory.

Mary Murphy: "Today we discussed different uses for Photostory in our webinar. One participant shared the idea of taking pictures of each student each month. Students create a summary of learnings by month. There was a discussion of having students choose clipart or photos to use and then adding text and narration. I shared that the narration feature is an excellent application for students with limited language skills such as ELL students or full inclusion students. Lastly, you shared that you can also scan in student work/artwork. We also discussed the importance of having parents fill out release forms giving permission for these projects."

Jutti Marsh: “Have students bring photos of themselves and their family, preferably showing their development from babyhood to the present. Scan photos and have the students create a autobiography using the photos, captions, and narration. An alternative would be to have them draw a series of pictures of important events in their lives, and photograph or scan in the drawings to use in their autobiography. Another activity students like: "I used to ___________, but now I ____________; comparing what they used to be like when they were younger and how they are different now that they are older. I can also see using Photostory to document processes such as science experiments. Social studies: download a series of photos or documents from a site such as the Library of Congress and create mini historical documentary. URL for Library of Congress:  An alternative would be to have students create their own "documents" and illustrations to use.”

Anne Higuchi: "As a teacher who has used unitedstreaming but has not been too active in DEN, I charged right in today and logged on to two chats. It was really as simple as all of Jannita’s letters have stated. Photostory was great. For those of us who have a Mac at school and the clone at home Photostory is terrific. It is a step simpler than iMovie but it is free. For my classroom , I am already planning how to use this with my EL students. Because of varied levels one can make a series of photos into a movie and have the different students each make their own narration. They can be responsible for the writing as well as the speaking at the level of their personal competency without having to always share amongst a group in the class. There was a lot of learning on this webinar as the group heard ideas from more than one teacher as well as varied grade levels. It certainly made a pleasant way of sharing."

Genny Kahlweiss: "The Photostory 3 webinar hosted by Jannita Demian on August 21 taught us about the "FREE" Microsoft downloaded software which can help you make projects with students in minutes. Yes, I said minutes, pull out that digital camera take pictures of your students the first day of school and have each student learn each others names by creating a Photostory by recess. Have each student say their names into the computer. Yes, you do need a microphone (purchase a USB mic at Walmart $10)(helpful hint). Then use this video at Back -to-School Night to Wow! the parents. Other ideas: Have students create quick Idiom stories or returning from a field trip have the students pick the pictures and tell what they saw on the trip and share with another class. Another teacher at the Webinar shared that she will make monthly theme memory shows. Thanks to everyone at the Webinar it was fun and that was great information in a short period of time. "

Susan Muller: “Some of the useful ideas I heard from our Photostory webinar and got a chance to write down are: 1) how easy it is for kids to use 2) using Photostory to create pieces for idioms, poetry, (auto)biography, interviews during teacher workshops or get to know you back to school presentations, and having students create a photo diary for their year in school. Great ideas! 3) Import shows into Moviemaker to enhance even further 4) purchase Quicktime Pro to change file format for upload to web.”


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