Free video editing with ZS4


While researching some green-screen options for somebody in our training department, I stumbled across a free video editor that I’d never heard of called ZS4 Video Editor.  It runs on Windows, OSX and even Linux!  Astonishingly, it has over 150 built in video effects. 

From their website:

ZS4 Video Editor is worth using when…

  • the final output is a combination of more than 2 media sources rendered simultaneously. (like nine talking heads separately filmed, but later arranged in a 3×3 video wall combination)
  • every aspect of the compositing process needs to be ‘tweened with an
    adjustable interpolation algorithm, from rotation angles to audio
    volume and chroma key sensitivity etc…
  • it becomes necessary to create custom effects and
    imaging processes by combining any number of effects using a highly
    flexible and infinitely variable toolbox of imaging "primitives".
  • the user likes to be limited by their own imagination instead of the software-makers ideas of the "desirable".

the ZS4 design therefore favours…

  • choice over clarity.
  • uniqueness over "standard".
  • chaos over order.
  • flexibility over simplicity.

Sounds interesting!  I haven’t used it myself, but it sounds like it might fall somewhere between iMovie and Final Cut on the Mac side, or perhaps between MovieMaker and Premiere on the Windows side.  And since it’s free, there’s no reason not to download it and give it a shot!

If you do try it out, or you already have, leave a comment and share a quick review of it!


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  1. Joe Brennan said:

    Verrry eentersting!! After 15 minutes of playing around I still haven’t got a playable video. Kind of a clunky interface for those used to drop down menus and drag ‘n drop capabilities. HOWEVER, judging from the tutorials, it can be a very, very powerful program. Certainly worth some more time experimenting when I get a chance.

  2. Debbie Bohanan said:

    This is very exciting news. Thanks for keeping us on the cutting edge. I can’t wait to check it out.

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