Survivor Tip #13

This tip is actually from a number of DEN Members and our all important Implementation Team. I’ve been to several schools or have received emails from DEN Members in awe of what Matt, Brian,  and Christina have sent them. Kathy Bunch from Polk County was very enthusiastic about the posters and can’t wait to share them next week in training. She claimed in an email that Matt Monjan is just wonderful!(I think she wants more posters Matt.)

These unitedstreaming school kits include:

  • A CD ROM containing additional materials helpful in presenting unitedstreaming to your colleagues, which can be reproduced and distributed to teachers.
  • Cool posters you can hang to create a unitedstreaming buzz throughout the school. (I really like themath poster, and I’m not a math person!)
  • 20 Teacher Guides to be distributed to teachers as part of a training or professional development session. Separate guides have been designed for both those new to unitedstreaming and the more advanced users. The Teacher Guide clearly explains the basics of navigating unitedstreaming and integrating our digital media resources with applications such as PowerPoint, Inspiration, and WebQuests.
  • FREE Discovery Education Tote Bag (One you won’t want to give away)

Here’s the important part: Each SCHOOL qualifies for these kits, but only the main contact for your school and unitedstreaming should be the one ordering them. Also, check with your district before ordering. I know several districts have been working with the Implementation people on special ways of ordering the kits.

If you have questions about the kits, please contact your area Implementation Representative at 1-800-323-9084. They can also find out who they were sent to at your school.  These would be great to assist you and your school personnel with back-to-school professional development.  Just don’t forget to count these staff development activities as events! Download event_documentation.xls

Great chance to comment: who’s gotten their kits so far? What do you think about them?


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  1. Sydney Breton said:

    I received my school kit just a few days after I requested it. It was here in plenty of time for use with my new teachers who had questions regarding unitedstreaming. The teacher’s guides are easy to use, but I especially like the posters! We have used them to help brighten up our library conference room, as well as to advertise unitedstreaming.

  2. Nancy Koester said:

    I am trying to work in all of the trainings that we need for the MANY new teachers that we have this year. I would really like to get the kits that were discussed to help promote United Streaming for those still not using it. I am planning trainings, but can’t give you a specific date yet due to some priority trainings that have to be held first.

  3. Tom Turner said:

    One model of training that we do at my school is a Friday Morning Tech n’ Breakfast… a quick 20 minutes on a different concept. Not all of them are unitedstreaming related, however, the first few will be so that they can see some of the intricacies that are there. That way also you aren’t bombarding them with a lot of information at once.

  4. LaQuita Hutchinson said:

    Thanks Tom for sharing. I like this idea. I am going to try this at my schools.

  5. Michele Futch said:

    Tom’s idea is great. I’ll have to think of a way to implement that idea in a different way. Any suggestions for a busy Mom who doesn’t have an extra 20 minutes before school starts?

    Also, it sounds like there might be some new posters…I am jealous! Maybe some kind soul will take pity on me and send me a couple?

  6. Cheryl Woolwine said:

    I do a similar type thing as Tom, after school. We have cookies and milk/water – after the students leave and I share, train, discover or whatever else they want related to unitedstreaming for 30 – 60 min. once a week. Some stay for the full hour and explore themselves others have to leave after the topic discussion. Very informal and small amounts of information, is what I have found works best! The group grows each week so we may have to split it into two days. I never run out of things to discuss as I always find something new to show as there is so much available.

  7. Tom Turner said:

    I honestly can’t sit here and say it’s my idea. I’ve to give the credit where credit is due. That idea wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for Kay T. That was her original idea, I just thought I would share it because it’s a great way to hit alot of topics in a short amount of time. It also fosters the teachers to followup with you and to pick your brain.
    Cheryl I like the after school idea as well…but we get out at almost 4pm so that’s like …out of the question..maybe if we get out earlier next year.

  8. Debbie Bohanan said:

    What a great idea for tech time. My only problem is having a toddler makes extra morning time nonexistent and we are done with our day at 3:45 so everyone is ready to head out. I’m thinking a monthly session instead of weekly might fit into our busy schedule. Thanks for the great idea.

  9. CaSandra Martin said:

    I called the 800 number about the kits and some one informed me there is only one kit per school. What do we do about the other kits?

  10. Danielle Abernethy said:

    Hi Cassandra and everyone else,

    These kits are different from the Training Kits you order from DEN. These are from implementation and as stated above, only one per school. (Each SCHOOL qualifies for these kits, but only the main contact for your school and unitedstreaming should be the one ordering them.) So find out who the main contact is at your school, who has the kit and see how you can best implement the use of the kit. It’s FANTASTIC!
    Active DEN members can order training kits by contacting your DEN Manager. In North Florida, that’s me. South Florida, Karen Seddon. GA/AL: Katherine Aiken. Didn’t recognize any other states. Or better yet, register your training on the DEN website’s calendar, request the kit and it’ll send the request to me. Thanks!

  11. Cheryl Woolwine said:

    I used my kit today! Thanks it is great. The teachers love to get the pens and posters and the books are a wonderful resource for them.

  12. Michelle Brown said:

    This is great to know. Tomorrow I am going to find out who can get our school kit. I think it is a great way to get the news out and get everyone excited about the technology and resources.

  13. Michele Futch said:

    OK Danielle, you know I am active and I want my kit NOW or else I’ll have to resort to threats like Tom Turner uses!!!

    Send the kit and no one will get hurt! LOL

  14. Tom Turner said:

    Threats? ME? I’m a total pacifist! Really I’m just a big ole huge Teddy Bear! Really…cmon…if I keep reciting this I might actually start believing it.

  15. Nathan Guteras said:

    How does one know how many kits we have already ordered for the year for my school ? Are four kits per a school year or a calendar year?

    Nathan Guteras
    Lake Shipp Elementary
    Winter Haven, FL USA

  16. Brook Peabody said:

    I have a few DEN members at my school. They are in different grade levels and they will be my key contacts for the teachers. They will demonstrate and promote unitedstreaming through example. In my situation the fire spreads by others getting stuff and then competition begins. I couldn’t get people to use Smart Boards much until they were put into rooms. Now, they want more boards.

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