Planet__definition_of__mediumPersonally, I feel bad for the little guy…. orbiting like a good planet and BAM!  No longer a planet!  Interesting writing assignment for next week…. Write students write as if they were Pluto.  How does he feel about all these changes? You might be amazed by how much  more students write when they take on a different perspective.  In fact you may want to use our brand new WRITING PROMPT BUILDER and find a great IMAGE of Pluto (just looked for images of Pluto and to my disappoint realized that we do not have any up yet.. however when I searched by "planet" I found the one posted on this blog).  But before you do that, make sure you watch a little VIDEO SEGMENT about the planet… I mean un-planet…. on unitedstreaming to help familarize your students with their new character.  Did you know we also have a song about Planets in the AUDIO section? When I clicked in the EVENTS category I learned that Pluto was 1st discovered in 1930 and pictures first made available in 1996 (maybe we should grab some of those) Feel free to forward me any work samples… I’d love to post them for the world to see 🙂

Thank you Betsy for a great post on the national blog about all our former mnemonic devices that will no longer work. What are these scientists trying to do to us!  Seriously, they may have too much time on their hands!  So if we can’t use this one anymore…


y Very Eager Mother Just Served Us Nine ____________.

What should we use?  Brad Fountain posted this on his blog as a suggestion, ake Vera Eat More Jam Said Uncle Ned


Let’s hear your thoughts on the issue and brain storm some others!


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  1. Maryann said:

    Mary’s Violet Eyes Made John Stay Up Nights
    It used to say “period” at the end. Guess language arts rules no longer apply

  2. Deborah Dotson said:

    This new information will make for very interesting Earth Science discussions this year. I know that students at all grade levels will be excited. This is Earthshaking–er.r Plutoshattering!! 🙂

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