Survivor Tip #14

I’ve been in your shoes. I was at schools where I couldn’t access the blog to post anything. So we’re behind. Sorry!

This is from Cheryl Woolwine in Putnam County. She’s a superstar at sharing ideas with her teachers and turning in events. She won a 1 Gig drive for having the most reported events six weeks after FETC in ALL of Florida and joined us at the first South East Regional DEN Event. Now she shares her tips with the rest of us:

Hi Danielle – I have just discovered the Thematic Focus archive – WOW, it is great. It has multiple subject areas with multiple themes in each area! Then it breaks down the discussion guides into grade levels – which is great for special education classes  – you give the same information but at a different level of cognition. Then it already has suggested media to complete the theme, and other related materials – such as an image that can be used as a writing prompt or discussion starter.  Most of them also have a word puzzle of some kind – it is great, definitely, something I will be sharing with all my teachers!

I know, you all are still waiting on that big announcement. We’re working on one more thing with it before I can announce it. I can tell you that 35 teachers are going to have an amusing time on some upcoming Saturdays.


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