Survivor Tip #15, #16, #17, #18

Tips to help you get through the weekend. I’m off for Wanna Do City and South Florida DEN.

#15: From Tom Turner in Polk County: Don’t just read Danielle’s blog, check out other blogs too! Jannita from Southern California has posted a really cool writing excercise for science.  Susan’s from Northern California is always great.

#16: From Michele Futch in Calhoun County: I discovered something neat today while searching on unitedstreaming.  In the quiz builder, a teacher can actually embed video clips in the Quiz. You can’t do this in the Discovery School Quiz Center. This is a wonderful tool to use with ESE students. The video clips help them recall what has previously discussed in the lesson. This will work as a tool to help them recall and comprehend the lesson. A lot of ESE students have a problem with short-term memory. This helps them to remember better. Include the closed captioning and you can help improve reading skills.

#17: From Cheryl Woolwine in Putnam County: We have cookies and milk/water – after the students leave and I share, train, discover or whatever else they want related to unitedstreaming for 30 – 60 min. once a week. Some stay for the full hour and explore themselves others have to leave after the topic discussion. Very informal and small amounts of information, is what I have found works best! The group grows each week so we may have to split it into two days. I never run out of things to discuss as I always find something new to show as there is so much available. (Great way to get your events in!)

#18: From Mary Cox in Leon County: Here’s another tip for helping new teachers sign up to United Streaming. I taped a business card with my school address and school email address right on the front of my work computer, so if they are sitting at my computer and I’m guiding them through registration, they can just copy the address. Many new teachers don’t know the school address or their new email addresses and will forteit registering if they have to go and find it. 🙂


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  1. Jenny Beyer said:

    In order to get all my teachers really excited about unitedstreaming, I am going to try to attend all department meetings during the first nine weeks of school. I plan to remind them about United Streaming and give them tips about how their particular subject area could benefit from unitedstreaming. I plan to make up a packet of information for each department.

    I started with a brief training for the science department. I showed them the new face of unitedstreaming and bragged about the amazing Images available (one of my favorite features). The packet of information that I made for them included unitedstreaming tips and changes to the site, directions on how to embed unitedstreaming in a PowerPoint, and directions on using unitedstreaming with Inspiration. Finally, I printed out the 50 Ways to Use unitedstreaming and starred all suggestions that I felt really applied to the science department.

    My next trainings will be a more in-depth session for new teachers and a visit to the math department’s weekly meeting.

    NOTE: I made sure that all my teachers were registered for unitedstreaming the first week of school, so many are already using this great tool, even without any in-depth training from me.

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