Challenge Champions

Over the past the year the implementation team has partnered with teachers, principals, technology coordinators, librarians, and more to help launch and integrate unitedstreaming in over 60,000 schools.

Along the way customers have faced an implementation challenge or two.  Here are a few examples of those challenges and the creative solutions used to overcome them!

Plenty of Power in Palm Beach, Florida!

The Palm Beach County School District in Florida is one of the largest school districts in the country. With a district this large it can be a challenge to effectively communicate to and train all of your teachers.

Enter Lee Kolbert, Technology Program Specialist for the Palm Beach School District or, as I like to call her, Technology Superstar!  Lee and her colleague Margaret Kallman have developed training programs, hosted "Discovery Days", and posted unitedstreaming web pages on their district portal. Visit her page, to see things like a unitedstreaming commercial, training event, Power Point presentations, integration ideas, a school kit request form and more!

Living it up in Lebanon, Oregon

What can I say about Brian Bray – isn’t that a catchy start to a tempting tune? Brian Bray, Director of Technology in the Lebanon County School District, had a problem. His district had just purchased a unitedstreaming subscription for every teacher in their school district and trained all of their Media Specialists, however; no one was using the service. The message was not reaching the teachers!

Brian reached out to me; we brainstormed, and came up with a couple of ideas. We knew that his teachers would embrace unitedstreaming, if we could get in front of them and demonstrate how to compliment their lesson plans with video, images and more.

With that in mind we brought in two Discovery Educator Managers, Jennifer Gingerich and Susan Staat, to host a training session after school. They did this completely free of charge! In addition to providing training and integration ideas, they also brought pizza.

Now, I’m not sure if it was the extra cheese or the extra attention that the Lebanon teachers received but, whatever the reason, every school in his district has implemented unitedstreaming into their daily lessons.

In addition to the Pizza Party, Brian initiated a campaign to "Promote our best tech products to our teachers."  He created unitedstreaming pass code fliers and then distributed them to each teacher. Each flier also came with a cup of tea and integration ideas.

A Challenge For YOU

I really enjoy learning about the different ways that schools have integrated unitedstreaming into their classrooms – and I’m always interested in hearing more. So I challenge you, you there on the other side of this computer screen, to send me your unitedstreaming experience(s). In turn, I will highlight them right here in this blog.

And remember to keep checking out this blog as it will update with news that you can use, tips and tricks, and lots of different stories from my team mates and unitedstreaming users from around the country.

Talk to you soon!
Matt Monjan
Discovery Education, Implementation


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  1. Michele Futch said:


    So far, I have done the events in Calhoun County, Florida. We are just getting a few other teachers excited and involved. Has anyone ordered the kits for us? If not, I sure could use them. I am supposed to be doing some training at all the schools soon.

    Danielle is also coming on 9/16 for a Make & Take on Digital Storytelling. Would that be a good time to destribute some of the items from the kit, if we get one/some in time?

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