Mining for Curriculum

Are you in need of some PA History content for your classroom?  Are you in the mood for a free fun filled field trip that will take you back to the 19th century?  Well, look no further, the DEN is here to help.  The Delaware and Pennsylvania Discovery Educator Network will be hosting a field trip to two historical PA landmarks on one fun filled day. Coal1
  Our first stop will be dark and dirty but educational. Our tour will begin by riding a train down into one of America’s oldest coal mines followed by a guided tour through the mine to see the hospital, equipment, and elevator shaft.  Later, in the afternoon we’ll visit an anthracite-mining town which has been preserved to imitate the life of a miner over 140 years ago.  All DEN members are invited to participate. Click here to download the flyer Download mine.pdf

.  Space is limited so e-mail me to reserve your spot today!


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  1. Jen said:

    Hey! No Pioneer Coal Mine with the Lokie! I’m very hurt! No Centralia Mine Fire and then a good ole’, “smash mouth,” Coalcracker Football Game up at the Frackvillle Field! That’s what the Anthracite Coal Region is all about Gaumer!

    Just kidding! Have a good time! I don’t do the mine tours anyway, unless it’s the Museum Tour! However, I do know the guy who drives the Lokie!

  2. Diahann said:

    Awesome to see the PA and Delaware DEN’s coming to Carbon County! The mine tour at No. 9 is AWESOME, better than Pioneer Tunnel and Lackawanna Coal Mine…in my humble opinion anyway 🙂 Eckley Miners Village is a trip also…interesting to see how the people lived back in the coal mining days. I hope to be there on the 23rd and I also hope there is a great turnout. Thanks for setting this up Shannon…show everyone a really cool piece of PA history.

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