Survivor Tip #19

Kathleen McCarron, a Superstar from Leon County, has a great tip to share that deals directly with a new feature of unitedstreaming. How many of you noticed that we no longer have "Playlists" but rather "My Content", which allows you to bookmark Writing Prompts, Videos, Images, and everything else in unitedstreaming? Well Kathleen has found it and here’s her tip to you:

Hello fellow DENmates,

I was trying to find a way for teachers at my school to share content by anchoring it on the web. When I asked Danielle if we might use a blog that way she introduced me to School Content on the My Content page. In your My Content folder (there is a link just right of your login name at the top of the page) there are two more tabs, one for School Content and another for District Content.

The School Content folder allows teachers in the same department as me (Social Studies) or even the entire school can share their little treasures so everyone does not need to recreate the wheel. If one teacher creates a great quiz to a video clip, then all the teachers can take advantage of it. I’m hoping we will collaborate on making quizzes for the materials we like best. This way no one is doing everything.

One alert— I needed my unitedstreaming School Administrator, one of our Media Specialists, to grant me permission to save there and in the process it was granted to the entire department. Whether she actually granted the permission or contacted a district administrator to activate access I do not know.

Directions for Sharing Content in UnitedStreaming

Once you have saved an assignment, quiz, video, or any unitedstreaming materials in My Content you have the option to take ACTION to Edit, Copy, Move, Share, or Delete.

Select Share and a popup screen gives you options to Share To School (Do Not Share, Share to Existing Folder, Share to New School Folder), and Share to District Content. If this is your first visit to Share Assignment, click on Share to New School Folder and type a name for the folder, then select School Content.

Now anyone at school can access the recommended work that hopefully they emailed to the department members, or school, earlier.


Great tip Kathleen! Thanks for sharing!


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  1. Michelle Brown said:

    This is a really great idea and a great resource. I am definately going to work on doing this at my school. I love learning new things that will help me and my students. Thanks!

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