Beach, Food, Bonfire, Networking and Smores… Who Could Ask 4 More

Img_0224 060825bolsachica_15Ahhhhhh…. can you hear my relaxing sigh!  That’s because we just finished yet another successful Beach Bonfire.  Have I told you lately how much I love my job?!?! Honestly.. just check out this sunset picture taken by DEN Member Kathy Martin’s husband. If you click on the photo and look really closely on the right hand side, you can see the Queen Mary!

I remember when I was going through the interview phase and someone asked, "How will you adapt to not being in an enviroment with your co-workers on a daily basis?"  It’s one of those questions that throws you for a loop.  What would life be like not in an "office family"?  Well over a year later, I would have to say meet my new family… bigger and better than ever!  Take a look at our family photo!

Family_photo Den_family_photo I have to take this time to say thank you to my incredible DEN for all their support, encouragment, but most importantly their enthusiasm!

Over 20 DEN members and their families joined together for some fun in the sun as we toasted summer goodbye.  We had such a blast! Ray, Bobby, and Laurian grilled with perfection.  Everyone brought such great snacks!  Award winning recipes for the evening… hmmm Bobbi’s home grown tomatoes… Brett’s wife’s guacamole and blueberry crumble cake… Karen’s daughter’s cookies….  But most importantly was the chatting and the exchanging of ideas and contact information. Take a look at these great pictures! And yes to all our friends back east… they are wearing their coats… after all it dipped to about 65 degrees.

Burgers_on Brrr_its_70_degrees Summer Cristina_and_family C_f_c_family Fontana_gang Dsc01001 Joann_and_friends Dsc01002Karen_and_judy

Edie_and_myrna Martin_family

P.S. For all those who missed the unvieling of the secret s’more recipe… well… you’ll just have to wait until next year!  Ha! Ha!  Well… okay… we used Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup (that’s for my boss in Hershey!)  But the real secret is cutting the marshmellow in 1/2 first and lodging the chocolate inside (special thanks to my husband for figuring that one out!)  Our DEN newlyweds the "Harvey’s" even fed eachother 😉 How sweet!  While Carol Anne taught us… it really is best if you remove the brown paper wrapper prior to roasting your Reese S’more.

Dsc00976 Dsc00989 Dsc00974 Dsc00984_edited1 Dsc01004


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  1. Cristina Soto said:

    Thanks for being being a kind hostess Jannita. However, I also would like to give and honorable mention…
    a special, an extra special,double, triple thanks for the chefs who sat by the fire cooking nonstop!

  2. Karen Green said:

    Thanks for giving us the venue to talk about summer fun as well as work related things in such a stress free and fun location. I bet we all would be more productive and healthier if we debriefed at the beach more often.
    Too bad about the grunion … next summer we’ll find them!

  3. Ray Waller said:

    I know I met new people, but having that poor memory I don’t recall their names. But it was awesome to see new faces getting active in the DEN especially at the end of summer. Incredible sunset shot, and don’t let the pics fool you, it wasn’t really that cold, at least not fo rthe polar bears. Thx for the unveilling of the smore secret, I will pass it on, too bad we forgot the mentos and diet coke….

  4. Sarah Johangiry said:

    Hello Everyone!!!
    I would like to say that I had a blast at the beach party! Thanks Jannita for putting together such a great event! It was great to see everyone. Also, my husband and children really enjoyed meeting Jannita and the rest of the DEN family. I must say that Bobbi’s tomatoes and the smores were pretty fabulous. Have a great week!

  5. Bev Matheson said:

    Thanks for such a great evening Janitta! I can’t believe I missed the first one! I really had a lot of fun! Can’t wait until next year!

  6. Jeanne Morris said:

    I had a great time at the beach. The food was delicious and the company splendid. I loved the photos. Especially, the one of Sarah at the end eating a s’more right off the stick. Yum…

  7. Brett Harvey said:

    Thanks for a great time. My wife got some great ideas from the other elementary school teachers. And the s’mores – let’s just say I’ve found a new campfire tradition. Very fun time getting to know other DEN members – I need more of that!

  8. Marie Belt said:

    Thanks again, Jannita, for hosting such a great event! It was nice to get out and have some “fun time” with teachers from my staff…too often we are bogged down in busy-ness of the day, and don’t get time to connect as people. I enjoyed spending time with my friends and their families!

  9. Edie Walker said:

    Hi everyone,
    The beach was my first outing and I had a great time. Meet some really nice people and in fact I need the e-mail address for the Grandma of the twins to be.

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