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Podcasting has evolved into a meaningful educational tool over the past year or so. Yet, many of us, including moi, are trying to get a handle on just what podcasting, RSS feeds, and audio tools are and how these tools are used within the K-12 world. So.. I did some net searches on Wisconsin and podcasting.  Found 660 hits on Google (advanced search) and over twice that on Clusty (my favorite search engine). 

What I love about podcasts is their portability.  I now will never miss another Wisconsin Public Radio Here on Earth Radio without Borders Program

Very cool…  I can download the podcasts via the RSS feed and transfer the programs to my portable media player.  Hit the road and listen to quality programming anytime I want.   My confusion still lies in how educators are making podcasts meaningful in their classrooms.   

One cool idea I have heard is to create podcast reviews for quizzes and tests OR I have heard that some 21st Century LMC Directors are using podcasts for book talks.  Very savvy idea.

Check out Atomic Learning’s free audio podcasting tutorial which is FREE and available until September 15.   I have always valued Atomic Learning’s resources for anywhere, anytime learning and have enjoyed reviewing the video tutorials for many of the popular software tools we use in education. Here is the description of the Audio Podcasting found on the Atomic Learning site:


An Introduction to Audio Podcasting

Learn where to find podcasts on topics of interest, how to listen to them, and how to create your own, and how to make them available to a worldwide audience.

Some of my favorite podcasting web site resources include:

WikiPedia’s Podcasting Overview

Our own podcast expert and DEN online community manager, Steve Dembo‘s, Teach 42 blog

Our own WI DEN Member Jeanne Halderson’s Longfellow Middle School 7th Grade student podcasting classroom www.podcast.net/show/75801

Our own WI DEN Wisconsin Science Teachers’ Podcasts called Periodicity by Brian Bartel and Dale Basler (Appleton School District Science Teachers)

An AWESOME RESOURCE by the folks at DoIT Academic Technology

Podcastingmadison The University of Wisconsin’s Podcasting resource site http://engage.doit.wisc.edu/podcasting/ which includes – What is Podcasting, Teaching and Learning with Podcasting, Sample Podcasts, How to Create and Deliver Podcasts.  Even though this site is targeted at UW-Madison students there is much valuable information especially relating to creating your own podcasts and the equipment and resources needed.

Checkout how Madison Metropolitan Schools are using podcasts

Checkout this podcast called Orange Wednesday Podcasts (School District of Beloit – McNeel IMC Web Cast site)

Checkout Wisconsin Center for Education Research Podcasts

Mr. Edington’s Physics Experiments from Mequon-Thiensville School District

My prior "home" – CESA #4’s Technology Services Department has a nice list of web resources on educational podcasting

CESA #10 has a podcasting class coming up on September 28!

Podagogy… check out this blog subtitled "Where podcasting meets teaching and learning"

and be sure to check out Kidcast: Podcasting in the Classroom  http://www.ftcpublishing.com/kidcast.html

Are YOU podcasting yet?  If so, please leave a comment.  Tell us what, where, when, how!! We want to know what other Wisconsin DEN or national DEN members are podcasting and your RSS feed information so we can learn from each other!


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