Survivor Tip #20

How many of you make use of the resources on the Discovery Educator Network website? If you download one, do you upload one to share with others?

The resources found on the DEN website are YOUR resources, created by DEN Members for DEN Members. You can show activity by uploading resources to share with your fellow DENmates across the world. It’s just one way for you to network.

Kay Teehan, a fabulous DEN Member in Polk County.  Kay is a Florida Digital Master Educator and also attended the South East Regional DEN Event (SERDE). Her passion for teaching, networking, and staying current comes through in all that she does. AT SERDE she had her digital storytelling knowledge enhanced by Hall Davidson. I say enhanced because she has been teaching this topic for quite awhile and has uploaded a wonderful resource for Digital Storytelling. I’ve seen her present, and I have to say she’s phenomenal!

She’s not only shared her PowerPoint, but she’s willing to share her knowledge on the topic with all of us through a webinar! It’s scheduled for September 19 at 3:30 PM EST.

Go ahead and check out the other DEN Resources for Digital Storytelling. I found a Digital Storytelling Wiki, several more PowerPoints, topics for digital storytelling from Mary Ann Sansonetti in SC, and a whole lot more! And while non-DEN members cannot access the resources, you can share whatever you learn from these great gems and count that as an event. You can also leave comments about the resource and rate it for other DEN Members to see. Someone else might be doing just what you’re about to start or something you need to breathe new life into. Check out the resources today.


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  1. Brook Peabody said:

    I personally sat in on one of Kay’s Digital Storytelling sessions. It was great. I wouldn’t want to miss this event. Sign up ASAP.

  2. Marsha Cruce said:

    I’ll share this info tomorrow in Putnam County. I hope we can get a group together in the lab for the webinar. BTW we have 75 people signed up for the Day of Discovery in November. It filled up fast. I also found out today that Think Link has been added to our arsenal here. I’m looking forward to learning more about it.

  3. Debra Gastelum said:

    This sounds great! I LOVE digital storytelling! Being in the media center I have many uses for it since, technically, I cover all subject areas.

    And being in Putnam, as Marsha mentioned we now have Think Link which we will start using right after Labor Day. I’m hoping it goes well.

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