Survivor Tip #21

Google Earth and Atlas

I am geographically challenged. Jannita in California can account for this. The poor DEN members that had to ride in the car with me in Atlanta know this. I rely heavily on my Garmin. It’s the best technology gadget I think I’ve ever bought. My poor ipod has sat uncharged since I finished watching all of my Monk videos. My Garmin? Doesn’t go a day without being turned on. Must remained charged or I might end up in shark land.

So being geographically challenged, it’s odd that I like to play around on Google Earth. Play is all I do. I haven’t mastered it yet. Maybe it’s because of my disability. Who knows? Tom Turner of Polk has become a master of it and he has a tip to share with you! Instead of copying and pasting it from Word (and having to do a whole bunch of html editing) I’m giving you his document to download. I also suggest you check out the resources on the DEN site. Some great ones there! Just make sure you read the system requirements and their usage agreement before getting too busy at school. Download google_earth_tip.doc 

To help me come over my global geography challenged mindset, I plan to watch Atlas. What is Atlas? I’m sure that Tom and Darlene would love to tell you, but instead we want you to find out for yourself. We also want you to get involved. Here’s the information:


    On October 1, Discovery Channel will present the first installment of DISCOVERY ATLAS, a four part series during the month of October that will profile the rich cultures, social diversities and natural phenomena of China, Italy, Australia and Brazil. The journey begins Sunday, Oct. 1, 2006, at 9 p.m. ET/PT, with the world premiere on Discovery Channel and Discovery HD Theater of DISCOVERY ATLAS: CHINA REVEALED. For more information about this series, visit

    The ATLAS series, including videos, images, bonus educational vignettes and teacher resources, will be available on unitedstreaming and Cosmeo.  Additionally, the Discovery Educator Network will provide interested teachers with the opportunity to participate in DEN: Atlas in the classroom program, which will include

        • Materials for hosting Atlas: China Revealed Premiere Parties in your local community
        • Invitations to exclusive Atlas webinar series/discussion group
        • Invitations to discuss and collaborate with educators around the county via webinars, wikis, and discussion boards
        • Access to educational resource kits to support "Discovery Atlas" classroom activities

If you are interested in exploring ATLAS with the DEN, please send an email to  by Friday, September 1 with the subject line "Discovery Atlas"  to register for this program

We’re planning some fun activities to go along with this all across the state. Darlene in Orange County is helping to plan a dinner there. Michele in Calhoun County is helping to plan a dinner in Leon County. I’m hoping to get something else planned in a few other counties as well. Keep your eye on the blog and the DEN calendar!


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  1. Michele Futch said:

    I can’t wait! I am very excited about Atlas and the premiere event!

    I challenge all the Calhoun County DEN members and Social Studies teachers to attend this VIP event!!!

  2. Tom Turner said:

    Atlas? Never heard of it! OH WAIT NO! Guys, this is probably one of the BEST nation documentaries I’ve seen put together. As a social studies teacher I’ve seen plenty. Having seen it, I definitely cannot wait to see it in its final release

  3. Brook Peabody said:

    Sounds like a TiVO moment, except I don’t have one. I will have to record it to view later another way. My son loves shows like this, and he remembers what he sees too! I will be letting my 4th and 5th grade SS teachers know. Thanks!

  4. Eileen Lerner said:

    What a wonderful opportunity for our students to learn about the world around them. Learning about others helps us to learn so much about ourselves!

  5. Christy Smith said:

    I really hope I can get some of my fellow educators interested in this! It sounds like a wonderful opportunity for teaching moments!

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