32504346 I mentioned a few "blabbers" ago that Pasco County was joining us with unitedstreaming. Courtenay OConnell is so ready to start and can’t wait to join DEN! She’s been emailing me and asking all sorts of great questions. I love her passion!

One of the questions that she recently asked was "I’ve been looking at unitedstreaming, and want to teach the social studies teachers how to use it for Constitution Day (celebrated September 18th since the 17th is a Sunday). I found some good things on it. Any "den" ideas??? All schools in Florida MUST do something with the Preamble."

Well are there any "den" ideas? We’ll get back to that in a minute. Instead, let’s look at what’s in unitedstreaming already. First, check out the calendar. Make sure you go to the right day. We’re not really celebrating "Constitution Day" we’re celebrating "Citizenship Day". A great blurb on what it’s about and videos on citizenship. Next, check out the Thematic Focus. Make sure you go to the archives. Under Social Studies you will find a gem about Early American History, which is all about the Constitution.

Back to resources that are "DEN" designed. I have a challenge for a DEN prize. I bet there are many of you sitting on Constitution resources (and many others) that need to be uploaded into the resource library. Mel Gilbert from Ocoee has recently shared five wonderful resources, and so have many others. It’s just a matter of getting it done. So here’s an incentive. Upload the resources for the Constitution Day – before September 18th. Send me an email of the title of the resource and where I should find it once it’s approved. I’ll give you a point. Those that do will win kudos from me.

🙂 Yeah right, like some of you prize grabbers (Tom) would work for kudos. Okay. I’ll find a prize in the prize closet to give away. So you’ll win a DEN prize. A shirt to be stylish, a bag, or something from the Discovery Store-  the best place to shop outside of a bookstore.

Start sharing your resources!


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