Making Change for Katrina!

Teachers are among the most giving, caring people on this planet.  By nature, we give ourselves, our passion for our curriculum, and our love for kids.   If you don’t do that… why would you become a teacher?   It’s as simple… and as complex as that.

Makingchangeorgsite Here is a wonderful opportunity for you, as a Wisconsin DEN educator, to help our children and students understand that what really matters in life is being a productive, helping citizen who contributes positively.   

You and your students can help the children and others affected by Hurricane Katrina through a special effort underway now. 


Making Change for Katrina is a national "spare change" drive to help others recover from this devastating hurricane.    The recipient of the funding raised through this drive is "Habitat for Humanity."   See all the partners who are making this effort a reality!   Discovery Education is proud to be one of them!

Please go to the Making Change for Katrina blog or the Making Change for Katrina Home Page and find out how you can help!

Is your class involved in this project?  If so, let us know!


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