Reach STAR Status in the DEN

Newlogoden_1 As the DEN grows, we want to encourage our members to grow with us.  Therefore, we are enhancing the Discovery Educator Network so that we can offer special recognition and opportunities to members that actively participate.

The most significant change to the structure of the DEN is the addition of a new level of membership. Beginning September 1, 2006, every unitedstreaming user who registers on the Discovery Educator Network website will be considered a Discovery Educator. A new membership level—STAR Discovery Educator—has been added to recognize the outstanding efforts that many members have shown in the past year as they have shared their expertise and insights with others.  You will be receiving an email on September 1, 2006 detailing your specific level.


– Facilitate and report at least two events.  Any time you share the power of Discovery Education with 3 or more educators, you are hosting an event. 
Examples include:
– Facilitate trainings, workshops or presentations that incorporate Discovery Education products such as unitedstreaming, Discovery Education Health Connection, Cosmeo, and Learning Adds Up.
– Share an integration idea over lunch with a group of educators.
– Demonstrate a skill involving unitedstreaming to co-workers before, during, or after school.
– Present unitedstreaming integration ideas during local, regional, state, or national conference sessions.


– Complete any combination of two of the following:
– Attend a STAR Discovery Educator event such as a face-to-face workshop, webinar, Digital Connections session, or a regional or national DEN event.
– Recruit others to become Discovery Educators.
– Disseminate information related to Discovery Education products and services with the use of a tool such as a newsletter, podcast, blog post, or journal article.
– Upload a resource to the Discovery Educator Network website.
– Contribute to Discovery Educator Network website blogs and/or discussion boards.


Each year on July 31, we will review the participation of STAR Discovery Educators around the world.  Educators who continue to share, connect and inspire others, as measured by the activities described above, will maintain their STAR Discovery Educator status and continue to enjoy exclusive STAR benefits.  Some of these benefits include the opportunity to attend regional and national institutes, participate in exclusive contests and promotions, download resources and publish personal blogs on the DEN website, and maintain access to a Discovery Educator Network Field Manager.  Educators unable to actively participate over the next year will not retain their STAR status, but will still be welcomed to participate on the Discovery Educator Network website.   

Over the next year, we want to provide opportunities for you to grow along with us.  If you have any questions, please contact me at

As always, I am
Ubiquitously yours,

P.S. Yes, comments on this post count too! 


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  1. Michele Futch said:

    I am a Super Star. I plan on staying that way!

    I challenge all the active Floridians to maintain Super Star Status for the next year.

  2. Tom Turner said:

    No doubt Michele. When you think about it though, it really isn’t that difficult to achieve and maintain status. So it is almost like keeping the status quo, and for those newcomers coming in. They have the advantage of seeing what is expected of them, so all they have to do is keep up the effort once they get in.

  3. Tiffany said:

    I think these levels are a great idea. It helps to show what is expected and I am getting excited about doing different things. I should be doing a workshop on unitedstreaming pretty soon at NMS.

  4. Michele Futch said:

    bTW, Tom, I love your sense of humor. The comments you make with your puns are really funny. Keep it up!

  5. Cheryl Woolwine said:

    I agree it certainly is not hard to stay active. I certainly plan on keeping my Super Star status. Discovery makes it easy and fun. New comers come on and join us we have a lot of fun whether it be online or in face to face experiences!

  6. wendy norton said:

    I think the levels are a great idea and a responsibility to pass on all the cool things we do with the resources. I have been using a resource, a PowerPoint on measurememnt with my 5th graders that really seems to be working with my students.

  7. Karen Epstein said:

    Hello everyone.
    On Thursday I got the chance to introduce another educator to Unitedstreaming! Although there is no internet in the classroom or LCD to project lessons on, I told him of all the clipart and other printable resources available. Many of the classrooms do not have technology resources and my hope is that will be changing soon and a new group of teachers can use this valuable tool!

  8. Tom Turner said:

    Technology resources in the classroom is something we all HOPE and Pray for. I invite/urge you if you ever get the chance to listen to Alan November speak to do it. He was one of the featured speakers at the Summer NLC. His task to us was to get our legislators to understand the valuable NEED having technology in the classroom is and to have a valid, fact based argument to present to them other then, “Just because we need it.” In other words, become an activist. His presentation showed that funding for educational technology is on the decline (and this is true for my district as well) and WE are the beacons to get that to change.


  9. Sylvia Vigo-Smith said:

    As I commented on the main site, this is a great idea! It definately gives me something to strive for, but even if this status wasn’t available, I would still think the DEN was great. Thanks for the opportunity for giving us another way to show why educators are the best STARS on the planet!

  10. Karen Seddon said:

    Wow! This contest is so much fun already! To help anyone who was confused where to post….. Send you unitedstreaming ideas to me in email and then comment away about the ideas OR whatever the post is about. You guys are great. Keep them coming!

  11. Fotini Guzman said:

    Great and motivational idea. I think Discovery Education network has really captured the idea of promoting technology in any possible way. It’s easy, fun, and very rewarding. It’s getting better by the day. Thanks for all the opportunities.

  12. Sue Hannan said:

    Star=an exceptionally good, outstanding or talented person in a group. Thank you Discovery Educator Network an excptionally idea! Everyone like to be recognized…even teachers like to get that sticker on a paper!

  13. Sue Hannan said:

    I always preview the post….forgot to preview the last…exceptional people should at least be able to spell exceptional 🙂 Sorry!

  14. Michele Futch said:

    Thanks Karen & Danielle for another fun contest to get involved with and participate in!

  15. Debbie Bohanan said:

    Discovery is a great network and I am proud to be a part of it. Karen, make sure you read the comments on the national blog. I believe you were mentioned!


  16. Cheryl Woolwine said:

    I really enjoy being a DEN member! And reaching star status is an added benefit!I hope to remain a member for a very long time! Thanks for the opportuity!

  17. Cheryl Woolwine said:

    I really enjoy being a DEN member! And reaching star status is an added benefit!I hope to remain a member for a very long time! Thanks for the opportuity!

  18. Debbie Bohanan said:

    I can’t wait to receive my STAR t-shirt in the mail! This is a great network!!! I can’t wait to encourage my coworkers to sign up for the DEN.

  19. Debbie Bohanan said:

    Speaking of being STAR’s, do we know how Florida ranks with the rest of the country as far as the number of DEN members? I would love for us to be the number one DEN state!

  20. Ana McMoran said:

    I told my Principal,” I am going to be the virus”. And she laughed. Though now the virus has spread at my school, and its is strating in my county. By using and showing the use of technology in the classroom, we can get more teachers convnced that it works.
    Now, the tecahers tell me, “You were right, this stuff works, and the kids love it.” With that said, I think I did my job.

  21. Ana McMoran said:

    There is always help out there. I am writing grants left to right, and just got $600 to purchase another LCD for my school, we still need 5 more, so I keep writing grants. the help is out there, as I said before I am ready to write to Bill Gates for My “THUNDER” flipchart. Make a search for “Educational Grants” You will be amazed on how many resources are out there.
    I have written for cameras, mimios, lcd’s, money you name it there are tons out there and i am on a mission: to change the way my school looks at technology and upgrade it where it needs to be. Hope I can do it!!

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