Just Another Mac-IT Monday

I recently queried the Implementation Team and asked them what kind of issues their schools/school districts were experiencing.

Monika Davis, Implementation Representative for the great states of IN, MI, NV, and WA, explained that her Mac schools were experiencing difficulties within the Assignment, Quiz and Writing Prompt Builders, collectively known as "The Builders."

Specifically, when her teachers tried to access the builders on their Macs within the Safari browser, they could enter their information in step one but were unable to proceed to steps 2-5.

Always quick on the draw, Monika experimented with our Mac station and found that the builders work fine when accessed through Internet Explorer and/or Mozilla/Firefox.  She also noted that our development team is working hard to resolve the Safari/Builder issue.

Challenge Champion Story Number Three

For those of you keeping score at home, my second post highlighted two challenges that our customers have faced and how they overcame them.

Our next Challenge Champion highlight comes to us from, who else, that’s right, Mac-Master, Monika Davis!

Monika manages several large regional centers within Washington state.  These regional centers have purchased unitedstreaming  subscriptions for their districts. 

Unfortunately, some of the schools within these districts simply do not have the technology to fully utilize unitedstreaming.

Many technology directors within these districts are hesitant to share unitedstreaming  with their schools because they share a common fear – a system wide slow down.   

Due to their limited bandwidth they do not want their teachers streaming and/or downloading videos during the school day – prompting their network to crawl or, worse yet, crash.  Furthermore, these districts can’t afford to set up Network Manager or houseunitedstreaming content on their servers.

How did Monika and her schools overcome this obstacle?  It is so simple yet so brilliant – the kind of thing that makes you smack your forehead and say "Duh…How did I not think of that before?"

Monika partnered with her  Educational Service District (ESD) Coordinators and together they devised a plan that promoted the unitedstreaming  resources that would not cause servers to crash!

Since there are many OTHER resources available on the site in addition to the great videos, images, lesson plans, clip art, the builders, encyclopedia articles, thematic focus units, etc, Monika and her partners decided to focus on utilizing them.  And here’s the really neat part – these resources minimally affect bandwidth!

Working on the premise that teachers need to see ideas, Monika and her  ESD partners created customized training sessions focusing on the "low bandwidth" resources and provided great integration ideas to go along with them.   

Best of all, her teachers can still access videos at home, save them to a flash drive, and use the downloaded video the next day without causing his/her server to "panic!"

As a result, usage has steadily increased within these districts and yet another Challenge Chapter comes to a close.

Mac Tip of the Day
Hey Matt, I have a Mac and use QuickTime to view my videos.  How do I view your videos full screen?

Great question!  Unfortunately with QuickTime there isn’t a "full screen" option.  However there are steps that you can take to enlarge your screen size. 

Here are the steps that you will need to follow:

  1. Make sure that you have chosen the QuickTime Player as your Media Type within the Media Settings Box
  2. Select the Stand Alone Application as your Media Player
  3. Press the Play symbol
  4. When your QuickTime player appears on your screen, grab the lower right-hand corner of the player with your mouse and drag it diagonally down.
  5. Note: You may not be able to fill the whole screen but you can get pretty close!

As always your thoughts, comments, questions, and ideas are welcome.

Talk to you soon!

Matt Monjan
Discovery Education, Implementation


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