OH CRIKEY! Steve Irwin Died!

One of my very 1st Discovery memories involves Steve Irwin, affectionately called my many "The Crocodile Hunter" so you can’t imagine the shock when I got the text message this morning that he had been killed by a stingray.  I immediately woke up and turned on the news to learn that he passed away by shooting a documentary.  His director and friend (yikes, I don’t remember the name) shared that he had died in a peaceful state doing what he loved doing the most.

I had the GREAT pleasure of seeing Steve at Discovery Communication’s 20th Birthday Celebration, only a week after I had been hired on. They put him on the big screen, pretending he was "shooting on location" when seconds later he burst through the door.  Running up the aisle he tripped over the television cables and in total "Crocodile Man Fashion" embraced the opportunity, fell to the ground and began wrestling the cords as if they were crocodiles.

So, immediately this morning I went to his website… mostly to ensure that I did not misspell "Crikey"…. the website is currently not working… I am sure due to an overwhelming amount of traffic….  But I did find a great wiki of his life and accomplishments.  Check it out by clicking here   Or visit his Discovery Site by clicking here.  There is lots of interesting trivia facts, etc for your kids to check out!

So in honor of him…. "Go CROCS!"


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  1. Terresa said:

    I too was shocked and saddened by Steve’s death. One of the news articles said, “it was like Superman being killed while crossing the street” and I think that really said it.

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