Podcasting Tutorials from Atomic Learning

Podcasting with Audacity and Garageband are probably the 2 most requested Webinars and Workshops for me to host.  And one of the number 1 questions is… is this recorded somewhere?!?!

Well, I just received word that Atomic Learning has free video tutorials until Sept 15th.  So hurry up and check this one out! Might even be a good idea to let some of your students follow along.  Let us know what you think!



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  1. Jennifer Jensen said:

    Thank you for the resource! I will definitely be sharing this with some of my staff and hopefully with my students prior to tracking out in a couple of weeks. Just last week I went to a 1/2 day Apple Podcasting workshop and was able to learn more about iLife 06, adding photos/video/web links to your podcast and my favorite – “ducking” the music. (I hope I’m spelling that correctly.) I look forward to putting my classroom computers and iPods to good use!

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