Steve Irwin

This was one of those moments… I heard and saw the headline and my first reaction was to think, "What?"  I wasn’t able to wrap my head around what I was seeing or hearing.  For a brief moment there was disbelief.  Then the flood of questions… the hows and whys??  Still more disbelief.  How can this have happened?

I watched the interviews throughout the day.  So many people shared their favorite memories of Steve Irwin.  And then there were those who said his death was to be expected.  He tempted fate every day and put himself in danger.

I never met Steve Irwin or his family, but I can’t begin to fathom the loss being felt by his wife and children.  His wife must be dealing with so many questions herself right now and in the days to follow… so many "What ifs" and "Why didn’ts", and then the horrible "If onlys".

Whether you agreed with his style, method, or philosophy, Steve Irwin was an exuberant and enthusiastic educator.  His classroom was the television and we were his students.  Millions of us watched him, and for many of us, he may have changed our perspective a bit regarding some of our planet’s less-cuddly animals.  His death came too soon.

Discovery Communications will be trying to find ways to express their gratitude to this environmental educator.  Billy Campbell, president of Discovery Communications, has stated that the gardens outside of the Discovery Headquarters will be renamed "The Steve Irwin Memorial Garden." In addition, Discovery is looking at the creation of a fund which will be affectionately called, "The Crikey Fund," to honor Steve’s passion for conservation and the animal kingdom.  The fund will allow people from across the globe to make contributions in his honor to support wildlife protection, education and conservation.  The fund, in addition to contributions by Discovery, will also aid Steve’s Australia Zoo in Breewah, as well as provide educational support for his children Bindi and Bob Irwin.

May God bless the Irwin Family.

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