Steve Hargadon – An educational treasure!

I love great educational resources and the power of collaboration.  That’s what’s so cool about the Discovery Educator Network!  And, also one of the reasons why I applied for the position of Wisconsin DEN Field Manager… collaboration is how educators survive the uphill challenges we face.   

Just found Steve Hargadon‘s tremendous podcast and blogging resources.   He has a great series of interviews with educational technology leaders like Vicki Davis, David Thornburg, and open source experts. 

Today at 5PM Pacific Time Steve has a live interview with Larry Cuban, author of Oversold and Overused: Computers in the Classroom.  His linked wiki allows us to post questions for Larry in advance  His archive of podcasts provides asynchronous tapping of previous interviews that we miss.  And, you can participate in the live chat via WebCast Academy during the interview, as well. 

Steve is using blogs, wikis and podcasting in ways that open the doors for meaningful, engaging discussions around critical educational technology topics.  The new Internet 2.0 tools are providing forums and seamless communications with lead experts that I could only have dreamed of back in the early net days!   

Get out there and check out Steve’s is a great resource too good to miss!

Gee… I wonder if he is a California DEN Member!

How are you going to use blogs, wikis, and podcasting in your classroom?  What hurdles are you facing?   How do you get around those challenges?

Very, very cool collaboration tools…

Your thoughts?


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  1. Amy Hinrichs said:

    I’m brand new to DEN and was drawn to it because of the technology applications in the classroom. Blogging for me is an individual way to respond to literature. There are several immediate challenges including access to the web sites. Our school’s virtual protector(BESS) blocks blogs and even interactive grammar sites. The next hurdle lies with the techno-generation in my Cyber English classroom. They don’t see any issues with text-messaging lingo (lol), so changing their communication through writing is a definite challenge.

    Podcasting has mind-boggling applications for student speeches and creative writing presentations. I’m personally thrilled to learn about it at the Regional Den on Sept. 23rd. My school bans the used of MP3 and IPODS at school. Since I’m having students use them in my room already for their sound and music components, there is an administrative challenge in place for this technology to have its educational benefits upgraded. I see them as tools and other teachers see them as distractions.

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