Educators Are Out of This World!

OK so for a lot of you, your school has just begun.  Feeling tied down to a mountain of papers yet?  Hopefully this post will leave you feeling a little lighter – zero gravity lighter!

Recently ultra-unitedstreaming user and, micro-gravity explorer, Janet English, got to experience a sensation most of us can only dream of.  Janet left the constraints of our gravity laden world and flew, literally, within a zero-gravity world.  Janet_in_space_1

"This was a profound experience. It made me step back and think about where we live, and how insignificant the Earth is in size compared to the rest of the universe, which is infinite. On Earth, we have a specific mass and a certain force of gravity. But how objects move on Earth is very different than most everywhere else because of our mass and force of gravity. It’s unique. It’s special. It also makes you realize how important it is to do research in space, because that environment is perhaps more authentic for how things actually behave."

Janet was one of the chosen few to participate in a program sponsored by Northrop Grumman.  You can read more about her experience by clicking on the link.

And while it is pretty hard to change your classroom into a zero-gravity room, what with all the chairs floating around and the release forms you have to get filled, you can still take your students on a voyage to the stars.

In fact this week unitedstreaming is featuring a Thematic Focus (teacher feature for all of you veteran users) that focuses on Pluto…remember when it was a planet?

Take your students on a tour of our universe and discover why the solar system just got smaller, how Pluto differs from the ‘big eight’ planets, and what a planet is after all

I know that there are more cool stories out there and we want to hear and post about them.  Tell us what you did over the summer, in the classroom, for dinner (OK maybe not dinner) and we’ll get them posted on the site.

Next week guest bloggers, Monika Davis and Stephen Wakefield will share with us some really neat back-to-school integration ideas as well as highlight a new administrative feature – so be sure to check back in!

Talk to you soon,
Matt Monjan
Discovery Education, Implementation


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