The Loss of Steve Irwin

With the untimely death of Steve Irwin, many of us have struggled this week to cope with the loss to his family and to our television world.  I know students out there were saddened to lose such a magnetic personality and hero in the animal-loving world.  In response, we will be willing to accept letters to the Irwin family from your students.  Please batch your students’ letters and notes in one large envelope and send to the following address:
Betsy Whalen
Discovery Education
1 Discovery Place
Silver Spring, MD 20814

I know that I have struggled this week too.  When I saw footage of his wife and daughter talking about Steve, my heart broke to know they (and the son) have lost the love of their lives.  However, my heart was warmed when I thought of the life he had led.  Steve had a passion for animals and conservation and he lived his life to share that passion with others.  He loved what he did and he did what he loved. 

I think that can be one of our own life challenges… find something we love to do and be able to do it.  I am so blessed and thankful that I do love what I do.  I love helping teachers.  I love working in the field of education.  I love that I have some sort of impact on student learning.  I love helping educators be more prepared and equipped with tools in the classroom.  I love getting to develop such amazing friendships with teachers in my community.  If you can find that career that helps you do what you love and allows you to love what you do, then you are lucky.  A little life lesson from Steve Irwin. 


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  1. Beth Weeks said:

    Thanks for sharing! I was so shocked to hear about his death. I found myself going back and looking through photos and videos. What stood out was his love for sharing… love for animals… and love for life!! So eager to get you excited about his passions!!! I too have a love for what I do… it is awesome to share with educators and to share with students and hear them laugh and giggle when they enjoy learning with the tools we give them… Life lessons… what an awesome reminder to do what we have a passion for doing….share the excitement that we have… smile and laugh in the work we do!! Can you imagine the impact we would all have if taught with such enthusiasm. We are going to miss Steve… but so much we can still learn from him today!!! Thanks for making me stop and think about the way I make presentations and the way I teach!!! I hope it is always with love and passion and the excitement about the things I am sharing! My passion is to make it so exciting that you want to try it too… just like Steve made us want to hug a crocodile! 🙂 I love to sing when I can and to present cool things to other educators.

  2. Stephanie Graham said:

    I was so shocked to hear of Steve Irwin’s death. I’ve grown up watching him and loving every move he made. I was not outraged when he fed a croc with his sweet baby in his arms…he wanted to raise his children the way he was raised by his father. He has a love of animals and was taught to respect but not fear them. What a great loss for future generations to miss out on him. What a great loss for Australia. My heart aches for his family and for his country.

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