Remembering Steve Irwin

Message from Betsy Whalen, Director of DEN National Programs

Steve_irwin_photo_2 In the days since the death of Steve Irwin, we’ve received a number of comments from DEN teachers about the difficulties their students are having dealing with this tragedy.  According to news articles posted the other day, psychologists have said that adults need to realize that for children, Irwin’s death has a similar impact as Kennedy or Princess Diana’s did for adults and we can’t underestimate the importance of helping them deal with losing someone that many young children felt personally connected to.

In light of that, we’d like to reach out to the students in the DEN community and provide them with an opportunity to express their feelings about the Crocodile Hunter by writing letters to the Irwin family to communicate their condolences and provide some thoughts on why the Crocodile Hunter was important to them.

If your DEN members’ class, or select students in the class, would like to contribute letters, please ask them to package individual letters in one package and send them to:

Betsy Whalen
Discovery Education
1 Discovery Place
Silver Spring, MD 20814

We will package all of our DEN student letters up and deliver them directly to the Irwin Family through Animal Planet.

We’ll also keep you updated on the development of the the Crikey fund and other ways students may be able to participate to feel connected to the Crocodile Hunter.


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