Earthquake_1Hurricanes. That’s the first thing I think of when I think of Florida. Then Shamu, gators, sharks, that expensive mouse and other theme parks, and hot sticky days. Sinkholes came into my thoughts when looking to buy a house. Earthquakes did not come anywhere near my thoughts. In South Carolina I knew that we lived near a fault line and once a year we practiced just in case one hit. (This image is from unitedstreaming from when an earthquake hit Charleston, SC.)

Today an earthquake of 6.0 magnitude hit the South of Florida and was felt all the way up into Georgia. No serious damage was reported, but minor damage may be found. The waiter at Ruby Tuesday’s told us that it shook his coffee off the table. At the time it hit I was busy wrestling with Joey, and can’t say I felt anything.

When the waiter asked us if we heard about it, Joey said we need to blog about it and check out "unitedscreaming". That’s my boy.

Parents, if you’re interested in learning more about earthquakes and how to share information on this natural disaster, check out Cosmeo. I found over 200 videos, 61 images, 200+ articles, 5 brain games, and more that reach first through 12th grade students. Teachers, you have a great resource with unitedstreaming. I found 40 full length videos and even one audio! I did an advance search for "earthquake +Florida -California" and came up with the sinkhole video.


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  1. Michele Futch said:

    There’s a great Earthquake Builder on Cosmeo. It is very cool! You can make simulated earthquakes and it will show you the type, damage, etc. My son loves this one!

  2. Michele Futch said:

    You could also use the Assignment Builder on United Streaming. Create a writing prompt with an Earthquake image to go with a lesson on Earthquakes.

  3. Kathy Bunch said:

    I was just sitting here looking for footage to use in class tomorrow. I was sitting here catching up on DEN blogs when my desk moved. I thought to myself the dog’s not shaking the desk, the shuttle isn’t coming home, and my daughter walking to the kitchen can’t shake a concrete floor so what is that? A few minutes later I see the headline! Very strange! Thank you for the ideas for tomorrow’s lesson! I already had the assignment builder open but I thought I would preview some videos to use first. I never knew we had a fault line!

  4. Bethany Rosenhack said:

    I didnt notice any movement, but I was outside in a noisy busy area. I am so oblivious!! I didn’t know we could have seismic activity over here!! GULP!!!

  5. Debbie Bohanan said:

    This was a very strange day indeed. My sister and parents live in Pinellas county and didn’t feel a thing but my house shook! My first thought was that the shuttle is not coming in today, what’s going on? I didn’t get an update until 5:30 that their had been an earthquake. I’m just glad we didn’t have a tsunami to go with it. It will be interesting to hear what the news has to say tonight.

  6. Kathy Bunch said:

    I created a writing prompt and an assignment for United Streaming. Danielle, how do I share it with DEN members?

  7. Debbie Bohanan said:

    Talking about strange global events in Florida History, there is evidence that Florida once had a volcano too. I believe it was in the late 1800’s.

  8. Debbie Bohanan said:

    Thanks for the link to the article. If my Florida history knowledge serves me right, it was an earthquake that caused the smoke from a volcano to disappear in the 1800’s in Florida.

  9. Tom Turner said:

    Ok…I cannot leave the country for ONE weekend and something TOTALLY COOL happens? I mean cmon!!!

    I was stuck with looking at piddly Niagara Falls while you guys get an earthquake! How unfair!

  10. Danielle Abernethy said:

    Ahh…Niagra Falls. I once had a chance to go see it from the Canadian side – long story on why I didn’t. They probably would not have let me back in the states.

    Kathy, that’s a good question for the Writing Prompt sharing. I know how to share it with your school or district. Brownie point to the first person who finds out. Hint: Call your implementation rep and see what they can tell you.

    Debbie, interesting history on the volcano. Wonder where it was. Hmmmmm……..DEN of Seismic Proportions! 🙂

  11. Michele Futch said:

    I believe the Earthquake Florida had once was back in the 1800’s in St. Augustine. I am not sure?

    I will have to check on that.

  12. Michele Futch said:


    Only one of Florida’s rare earthquakes caused significant damage. In January 1879, St. Augustine residents reported heavy shaking that knocked plaster off the walls.

    A more recent temblor, in November 1952, prompted a resident of Quincy to report the shaking “interfered with the writing of a parking ticket,” the USGS said.

  13. Bethany Rosenhack said:

    Wow! Hurricanes AND Earthquakes? No wonder homeowners insurance is so expensive!!


  14. Michele Futch said:


    I really feel sorry for you. You were in Niagara Falls and missed the earthquake?

    Rub it in, will ya? The rest of us were stuck in Florida this weekend! (LOL)

  15. Cheryl Woolwine said:

    Kathy – I am not sure this is what Danielle is looking for but if I had a writing prompt and or assignment to share with other DEN members I would upload it to the Education Resources section.

  16. Cheryl Woolwine said:

    I am in St. Augustine and I did not get to experience the earthquake of 2006. I guess that is a good thing!

  17. Cheryl Woolwine said:

    Again another teachable moment (earthquakes) and where do we go for fast,informative,appropriate, realistic information – unitedstreaming – (notice all lowercase one word)

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