Earn Extra Credit with the DEN

Deniconextracredit2_1For the 2007 School Year, we’ll be rolling out new benefits and programs for STAR Discovery Educators.  Our first new initiative is the DEN Extra Credit Program.

Denbluestar_wide_2The DEN Extra Credit program will provide STAR Discovery Educators an opportunity to earn technology for the classroom by partnering with Discovery Education on various activities.  Whether writing lesson plans for existing content, or reviewing academic content of new videos, the DEN Extra Credit program will provide a wide variety of opportunities for STAR Discovery Educators to contribute their expertise to further the success of the DEN and Discovery Education as a whole.

As a reward for your efforts on each project, participating members will receive various technology products for their classroom.  Depending on the size and scope of the project, these products may include wireless presentation devices, digital cameras, LCD projectors, SmartBoards and various technology packages for larger initiatives.

By joining DEN Extra Credit, you are not obligated to participate in all of the projects; we’ll simply communicate each new project and initiative to the DEN Extra Credit team and you can select the projects in which you are interested in participating. For each project, we’ll provide you with the scope, timeframe, skill sets required as well as the technology reward for the project and you can determine if you want to join that particular assignment.

To apply to join the DEN Extra Credit Program, please send an email to Debbie Baillie to sign up and receive further details and information on the first set of DEN Extra Credit assignments.


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  1. Debbie Bohanan said:

    This is such an exciting program. I was thrilled to see that the first contest was something I had already begun planning! Great minds definitely think alike. I look forward to my webinar with Steve once I finish the project. I have already booked my field manager, Karen Seddon, for the event!

    We have a unique situation at my school, the principal requires all parents to attend the parent conference night in order to receive the first report card. We are taking this opportunity to provide a technology night at the same time, offering concurrent Cosmeo sessions for the parents. We should have a great turnout and hopefully many excited subscribers. Our event is scheduled for Oct. 19th.

  2. Michele Futch said:

    We are very happy about this program! We mentioned it when we met with the “Powers That Be” at NECC. It’s great to know they listened and have created great things for us to do! YEAH!

  3. Nathan Guteras said:

    “Extra Credit” webinars have been awesome. I continue to learn new things all the time. Thanks for adding some incentives as we stretch beyond the walls of our schools with these special adventures and activites.

  4. Wendy Norton said:

    to present Learning Adds Up to parents at our school I approached our principal and we decided to present the package as an add on to Elementary Open house 10/04/06 and Middle Grades Open House 10/19/06. I had alot of parents interested in cosmeo and express how this is a better way to fundraise (rather than sell things to people). Some parents who attended both open houses had already subscribed. I am only hoping they do it through the correct link otherwise the school will not get credit. It appears to have reached alot of our parents, that Cosmeo is beneficial to their student(s).

  5. Debbie Bohanan said:

    What do we need to do to report the events after they happen or is posting them on the calendar enough?

  6. Debbie Bohanan said:

    Any news on when the first extra credit item will be arriving???? I am doing a workshop on Jan. 12th and would like to practice with my podcasting equipment before hand.
    Thanks. 🙂

  7. Marie Belt said:

    Any new assignments coming up soon? As if I don’t already have enough to do! But, I love to read about new opportunities! Thanks!

  8. Paula Schmidt said:

    I have done monthly podcasts with my Language Arts class. Here are the topics:
    November-Favorite book
    December-Holiday Memory
    January-Role Model
    February-Famous Person

    My class loves doing them and now I’m working on adding their podcast to an imovie. Wish me luck. Paula Schmidt

  9. Linda Hughitt said:

    I signed up and got a couple of e-mails and then never heard anything about this again. Did it end?? Did I get dropped off the list or ????

  10. Glenda Jenkins said:

    The same thing happened to me Paula. I even held a parents night.

  11. lance_rougeux@discovery.com said:

    The Extra Credit program was placed on hold in December. Several communications were disseminated via email and the blogs to inform the DEN community.

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