Taking a few minutes to make some change.

My wife and I moved on Friday.  We weren’t quite sure what to do with our change jug because it was far too heavy to just throw into a box.  So instead, we decided to take it over to our local grocery store and put our change to good use. 

I’m not exactly a master at estimating things, but I figured there was probably bout $40 worth of change there.  That’s the great thing about Coinstar though.  There are over 12,000 of these machines located around the country in local grocery stores and convenience stores.  While I can get my change counted from my bank for free, I made the decision to cash it in at 10:00pm at night.  Banks were closed, Coinstar was open.

Since the DEN has been working with Making Change for Katrina, I decided to turn my change into a donation for Katrina victims.  I figured that every little bit helps and there are people who could use the change a whole lot more than I can right now. 

A couple more clicks and I started to pour in my change.  What is it about change counters that are so much fun? 

It didn’t take me long to realize that I had way more than $40 there.  There’s a little ticker that counts it up as you’re pouring it in.  Counts up how many of each coin there has been as well as a running total. 

Next thing I knew I was passing up $50, $75 and $100.  Honestly, I had no idea there was so much change in there!  It took about 10 minutes for the entire jar to get counted and when all was said and done, I wound up with a whopping $120.25. 

A couple of seconds later it spit out a reciept for me that I could use as a record of my tax deductible donation.  Looks like I had

  • 203 Quarters
  • 368 Dimes
  • 220 Nickels
  • 2170 Pennies

Oh yeah, I also found a plastic nickel, a nut, a peg from Mastermind and some foregn coin (can anybody identify it)?  Didn’t seem to want to let me donate any of those to Katrina vicitms!

The entire process took no more than 10-15 minutes and at the end of the day, it felt pretty darn good to use the loose change we had around the house to make a $120.25 donation to Habitat for Humanity by way of Making Change for Katrina.  I may not buy a house by itself, but every little bit helps.  Got a change jar at home?  Use it to make some change of your own! 


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  1. Rachel said:

    Alright Steve—- how long had you been collecting all this change??

  2. Debbie Bohanan said:

    Great photos Steve. Thanks for the inspirational story! Way to go and support Discovery and help Katrina victims at the same time.


    P.S. I am looking forward to my podcasting webinar with you after Oct. 19th when I complete my extra credit project. I already have Karen Seddon on board for the event. It’s going to be a fantastic evening. I will definitely have photos to post.

  3. Michele Futch said:


    It’s nice to see people giving back. Thanks for “practicing what you preach.” You are leading others by example. A big THANK YOU for supporting the MCFK project! You made a difference is someone’s life today!!!

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