unitedstreaming’s Got Your Numbers Again!

Hello!  Just a note to all you unitedstreaming administrators out there that the report formerly known as the Snapshot Report in the unitedstreaming Administrative Website (http://admin.unitedstreaming.com) has been updated. Many of you have asked for this report over the last few weeks, and we are really psyched to be bring it back for you!

The report is now called the Summary Report and can be found on the lefthand side dashboard of the unitedstreaming Administrative Website. Thanks to this change, administrators once again have the ability to run a report gauging unitedstreaming usage at the district, school and user level.  Also note that we have also added the ability to export these reports to Excel, so it is easier than ever to share this data across your district.

If you’d like a walkthrough of this new report, please call your Implementation Representative today at 800/323-9084. Have a great weekend, and go Eagles!


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  1. Cheryl Woolwine said:

    Thanks I’ve been waiting for this! I like to start a little competition from my teachers!

  2. Debbie Bohanan said:

    Thanks. This report will be very helpful as I encourage teachers to use the program in their classrooms. I like Cheryl’s idea of a contest, that definitely motivates certain individuals, myself included.

  3. Michele Futch said:

    This is a great way for us to keep up with usage and the numbers. Thanks!

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