Podcast – STAR DEN

Do you have your own Podcast or Blog?  It’s a great way to learn things on your time!!!  Our own Kayla Steiner, STAR Discovery Educator, Consultant at Region XI’s Library and Instructional Media, and fellow blogger and podcaster has created some video and audio posts not only for Region XI folks, but for other DEN members and unitedstreaming users.  Highlights of the podcasts include new features to unitedstreaming, Writing Prompt Builder, and Optimizing My Content! 

Check out her link…..she even has directions on how to subscribe!  Thanks for sharing Kayla! http://www.esc11.net/8239521793313/blank/browse.asp?a=383&BMDRN=2000&BCOB=0&c=52269

Let us know if you have a blog or podcast you would like to share with other STAR Discovery Educators!


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