Assignments, Quizzes, and Writing Prompts – Oh My!

So now that your teachers are comfortable searching for videos and downloading them onto their computers or streaming them live for their students what is next?

Why incorporating them into the The Builders course!

The Assignment Builder, Quiz Builder and Writing Prompt Builder (The Builders) give teachers the ability to tie images, audio files, videos, clips, and all of the other good stuff within the site together in one place and assign them to students. 

And here’s the really neat part – students can access the assignments in school and/or at home!  Homework made cool.

Click on the links below to download easy to understand instructions for each of The Builders.

Assignment Builder , Quiz Builder , Writing Prompt Buider

If you like that, here’s something that will really knock your socks off. 

unitedstreaming has added a new member to the family albeit a virtual one.  Check out the Interactive Training modules and meet our virtual instructor.  That’s right the interactive training is, well, even more interactive!Interactive_training

Check out module two and learn how to embed and hyperlink videos, images, clip art, and more into Word and PowerPoint documents.

Click on the Professional Development link within your navigation bar and then click on the Interactive Training icon to access the Interactive modules.

And what would an Implementation blog be without a little take-home tip or trick? 

In staying with our PowerPoint/Builder theme, I’ve put together a few slides for you to share with your colleagues and or incorporate into your training. I hope that they help! Download embedding_and_hyperlinking.ppt  T
une in next week for the latest and greatest!

Talk to you soon,

Matt Monjan
Discovery Education, Implementation


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  1. Michele Futch said:

    Thanks for the great information!

    I love Assignment Builder! The neat thing about is, after your students take a quiz, it will grade it. Then, it will e-mail the score to you. How cool is that?

  2. Cheryl Woolwine said:

    Thanks for the powerpoint on hyoerlink and embedding – I am a firm believer in not recreating the wheel and implementation is helping out with that – besides if implementaion shows you how, it must work!

  3. Cheryl Woolwine said:

    I am definetly going to use the training module on the builders as I am trying to become more proficient in using them in order to train the staff better – thanks for heads up!

  4. Susan Staat said:

    The training modules are fabulous! Thank you Implementation for the great ideas above as well!

  5. Sherry Wetherhold said:

    I have used Quia in the past for creating quizzes that students take on-line. It also grades the quizzes and reports the results in several different formats. I will have to compare Quia with Assessment Builder.

  6. Peggy Szekeres said:

    The assessment builder will be a great tool for the teachers in our school. They will be thrilled that the quizzes are graded.

  7. Lori Marsh said:

    Thank you so much for al the useful information. I currently use and can’t wait to start using Quiz Builder. I’m also always looking for writting prompts for students to use online.

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