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As you discover new things to do with unitedstreaming with the DEN, we encourage you to go back and educate others in your school. The use of the calendar on the Discovery Educator Network website is a great way to announce any events that you have coming up.

For instance, we have a Digital Storytelling Webinar with Kay Teehan on Tuesday. The details are on the calendar. You can register for the event or at least get the details right there on the calendar. (Psst, go read South and North Carolina’s blog post by Brad Fountain.)

Kathleen McCarron and I zinged emails about events last night. She wants to make use of the calendar by having her teachers register for events. I really like this feature. But here are some tips you need to follow for registering an event on the calendar.

  • You need to put a description. I suggested to Kathleen that she put Leon County: unitedstreaming training so that way Leon shows up on the calendar and her teachers know which one is the right event.
  • You use to be able to skip the address. Not anymore! Please at least put the city and Florida for the state. The calendar will show you all the events when you are logged in for your state. If you don’t have a state, it won’t show up on the calendar.
  • If you don’t want people registering for the event online then you need to set registration to zero. No waiting list either? Set that to zero.
  • If you need a training kit, check the box but make sure you have the address on the calendar.
  • At the bottom there’s a place that asks you for audience description. This is where you can say it’s for Team Marlins or 3rd grade or the entire county.
  • Make sure you list your event as public – especially if you want me to see it!

Now if you want your teachers to register using the DEN Calendar, you need to hold an event where you have them register for the website. They can then make use of the discussion boards and start to grow even more!

Keep an eye on the calendar for some fun events coming up soon, including Amusing Times with DEN and Atlas Dinner events.

Also, thank you Flagler, Putnam and Pasco County for inviting me over this week. I enjoyed getting to know Flagler better, seeing Putnam again (always a pleasure) and meeting media specialists and tech specialists from Pasco.


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  1. Michele Futch said:

    Thanks for the calendar tips. You put a lot of useful information on there I didn’t know before I read the blog.

  2. Cheryl Woolwine said:

    Danille, Putnam always enjoys having you in town. Come back anytime. It is always fun to get more people involved in unitedstreaming.

  3. Michele Futch said:

    Thanks for coming to Calhoun County for the Digital Storytelling!!! We really enjoyed it and learned so much. We took another giant step forward, for our school and students!

  4. Michele Futch said:

    BTW Cheryl…

    I am working hard to try to get that trip to St. Augustine. I hear the “Fountain of Youth” calling my name!

  5. Cheryl Woolwine said:

    The calendar helps me to stay organized – I appreciate having it available and use it whenever I can!

  6. Cheryl Woolwine said:

    The calendar lets me see what things other people are doing and gives me suggestions on future trainings.

  7. Debbie Bohanan said:

    The calendar is great for finding events that are going on with Discovery. One tip that Karen suggested was that we put FL at the front of our title so that it is easier for our field managers to find our events.

  8. Debbie Bohanan said:

    Another tip about the calendar is that if you only want people from your school to be able to sign up, limit the size to 0. Then just notify your field manager of the number of people attending your event or just go in after the event and list the number of people who attended.

  9. Debbie Bohanan said:

    If you are teaching the same workshop at several sites, just copy your description and paste it into your next post.

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