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Hello everyone!  While we know that your personal skills are razor-sharp, we thought you might be interested in fine-tuning some of your instructional technology-related professional skills.  What better place to do this than our illustrious Professional Development site – where you can earn CEU credit while you are performing this good deed!

Check out just some of the offerings we have stirred up for you:

* Live, Online Webinar Sessions – Hour-long facilitated sessions with a Discovery Education Instructor.  Sample topics include:
       * Digital Storytelling
       * Concepts and Techniques
       * Google Earth Mapping with Video   
       * Digital Storytelling Concepts and Techniques
       * Webquests Using Digital Media

* Interactive Training – Learn to use unitedstreaming with this self-paced, engaging series of lessons.  After successful completion of each lesson, you will receive a Certificate of Achievement.  Complete all the lessons and you qualify to earn one CEU!

* Courses for Credit – Discovery Education has joined forces with several accredited universities to offer high-quality, online graduate courses on integrating digital media in education that feature unitedstreaming. Courses can be taken individually or as part of a certificate or Master’s degree.

*Please talk to your Staff Development Coordinator about how you can receive CEU credits for the above options.

And don’t forget to check out the dozens of tutorials, project demonstrations, best practices, and teaching tips that are also available on the site. 

Visit today so that you can wow your students and fellow teachers with all the brilliant ideas that you come up with.  And yes, we will let you take all the credit. 😉

Uzma Knouss


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    I can truly say that these are very good. I have completed a number of them and they have helped me tremendously.

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