Handouts-Day of Discovery September 23, 2006

Day of Discovery HandoutsDen_educator_network_newlogo1_5

Discoveryworld_2The following handouts are available for download relating to the Wisconsin DEN 9/23/06 event at Discovery World in downtown Milwaukee.

Jan Wee- General Announcements, etc.
Wisconsin DEN Overview (All about the WI DEN, important URLs, the WI Team (Blair, Kate, and Jan) Contact information, How to appy to become a DEN member,  etc.)
Download WisconsinDiscoveryEducatorNetwork_Overview.pdf

Download Sept.23DayofDiscoveryFlyerAgendawithpresenters_final.pdf
Download important_web_urls_.pdf

Scott Kinney-Keynote Program Handouts: The Media Evolution
Contact info & URLs Download wisconsin_pdf.pdf

Brad Fountain – New unitedstreaming Tools & Features
Download new_unitedstreaming_features_bfountain.pdf

Liz Sutton – Discovery World Tour and Programs
Download discoveryworld_at_pier_wisconsin.pdf
Download discoveryworld_outreach.pdf
Download discoveryworldfactsheet.pdf

Steve Dembo – Podcasting – Beginner and Intermediate –
Online Podcasting Resources

Blair McMillen – Implementation Representative – Wisconsin
Download blair_mcmillen_contact_info.pdf

Linda Chiles and Dick Marchessault- Digital Storytelling Tools – Tips and Techniques – Beyond the Beginner Level

Jan’s Digital Storytelling Web Links
  Download janweedigital_storytelling_helpful_web_resources.doc

Brian Bartel and Dale Basler – DEN Web 2.0
DEN Web    Login using your unitedstreaming username and password. Complete the registration form to register to use the DEN web site. Only STAR DEN have access to creating their own blogs and  downloading resources.
Brian and Dale’s Lab Table Periodicity Podcasts and WSST Links

Deb Breunig and Rita Mortenson – Using unitedstreaming content to create your own Digital Stories – MovieMaker and Photo Story (Windows)

Download 1_den_windows_movie_agenda.pdf
Download 2_photo_story_3_for_windows.pdf
Download 3_mm_tips_reminders.pdf
Download 4_movie_maker_handout.pdf


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  1. Keith Schroeder said:

    Thanks so much for posting these. I know I really missed out with not being able to attend the weekend but at least I can benefit by all of the awesome resources you’ve posted. Thanks again!

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