Mysterious Objects

SpaceAs I read articles and watched the news reports about the Space Shuttle Atlantis and mysterious objects floating in space, I started thinking of how I would use this in the classroom. "What a great opportunity to add some creative writing into the curriculum," was my first thought. What are those objects? Can the students come up with a creative story explaining them and how they got there?

But first, your class is going to need background information. There are videos on unitedstreaming to explain about the International Space Station. Magic School Bus has a great Space Video available as well. Then I went over to Cosmeo. I can play a game and see how quick I am at unlocking the locks of a Space Station, watch videos, read the articles, and more.

Going back to my lesson – I can have students do a mock-podcast as if they were a member of the crew and what their thoughts are of these strange objects. Follow the news and write articles for the newspaper. So many ideas come to my mind. What comes to yours?

Tomorrow they land at 6:21 AM. Those close enough to see or feel it – what is it like? I’ve yet to see a launch and hope to see one too. I can’t wait until we visit the Kennedy Space Center! Who’s joining me?

Image from Cosmeo.


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  1. Michele Futch said:

    Gee Danielle…

    Can I use that for my Epcot Pre and Post Activity? It sure would save me a lot of work! (LOL)

  2. Angel Spurling said:

    Michele ,

    Thats sounds like a great idea ! How about it Danielle !

  3. Danielle Abernethy said:

    Good start – but no! Come on, you all are better teachers than I’ll ever be. I’m sure you can come up with some GREAT ideas!

  4. Ana McMoran said:

    Definetely going! Just the thought gives me the chills. NASA is such a great place, there is so much history and SCIENCE!!!!!
    I guess I will take all my credit cards…je!

  5. Michele Futch said:

    Angel and I can work together on your project. How is that for imagination?

  6. Chris Brink said:

    Makes me eager to get a subsription to Cosmeo!! Very creative Danielle!

  7. LaQuita Hutchinson said:

    I love the idea Danielle. I am not as near to NASA as you guys are, but I am sharing this idea with my schools. Thanks.

  8. Michele Futch said:

    I don’t know how many of you have been advised to teach the Declaration of Independence next week, if any? The SS Teachers at our school are required to teach it to all 6-8 Grade students next week.

    I checked out the DEN Educator Resources, there are 2 Powerpoints about this subject-Cosmeo has a brain game about it-United Streaming has tons of videos, etc. about this subject. We were able to locate at least a week’s worth of Technology assignments for them to use on this subject, all Thanks to Discovery. The Teachers were amazed at what we had to offer! Their students will be thrilled with all the Technology next week. This will be a new approach for 2 of the Teachers.

    So, if this is a requirement for your school, check out what all we have access to-IT’S AMAZING!!!

  9. Cheryl Woolwine said:

    Do we have to have our pre activity before we go? Do we get any information before we go or does it all happen there and then?

  10. Wendy Norton said:

    Good question Cheryl. It would be nice to know if we need to do anything before hand? Sometimes I have a brain drain on the weekends and fear this will happen with all the excitment at EPCOT.

  11. Danielle Abernethy said:

    Those of you attending the Amusing Times with DEN will get an email the week before, with details on the where to meet, park, etc. Dress code is the easiest: comfortable. Double points wearing a Discovery Shirt. 🙂 . You will need to eat breakfast before hand. We’re providing lunch, but the facilities do not allow us to bring snacks in for breakfast. And since Lori can’t make it to the Atlas party to share about Global Education, she’s going to be at Epcot. She works at the Discovery Store in Orlando (everyone go by and say hi!) and she recently accompanied Betsy on the Africa Trip, found on the site.

  12. Susan Vinson said:

    Yes to the Declaration of Independence question. At my K-5th grade school, our wonderful media specialist has been showing short United Streaming video clips each day right after our school’s daily news program. And I selected a few to view in full. There were lots of videos for our level to pick from.

  13. Claire Ledrich said:

    Speaking of space shuttle Atlantis, I used to teach at Atlantis Elementary School in Brevard county. Everytime a shuttle went up, the kids and I would be able to go out and watch the space shuttle. It was amazing! I’ll never forget the first time I heard all those kids cheering “Go Shuttle Go! Go Shuttle Go!”

  14. Cheryl Woolwine said:

    I am getting excited about Epcot. I got my email today about amusing times great fun exciting times can’t wait!

  15. Cheryl Woolwine said:

    If I go to the beach in St. AUgustine (on a clear day) we can see the take off -AWESOME! and I heard one once coming in, when went it entered the atmosphere (I think) not a science teacher! pretty cool! I haven’t been to NASA in years!

  16. Kathy Bunch said:

    I used the prompt for their paragraph writing that day! They were so creative! Some responses were: another astronaut lost on missions before, pancakes & spatula, and various animals!

  17. Debbie Bohanan said:

    When it returns to our atmosphere, the sonic booms can wake you from your sleep. When I first moved to Kissimmee, the shuttle was landing at night and I wanted to make sure I heard the sonic booms. I opened my window at the exact moment they went off and I just about jumped out of my skin. Since then I have learned that the windows do not need to be opened to hear it. Usually you wake up wondering what just happened and then you realize the shuttle is landing. There is just enough time from hearing the booms to turn on the NASA channel and watch it land. I would love to see one in person.

    If you are in Merritt Island during a launch, the ground actually shakes!!!

  18. Debbie Bohanan said:

    As far as seeing one land, my husband and I brought our two foster children at the time to the coast. We stayed on the beach and kept watching the sky for the shuttle. Much to our disappointment we were not in the flight pattern. I suggest if you visit the coast for a landing, either go to the space center landing site or find out the flight path it will be taking.

  19. Debbie Bohanan said:

    Maybe we could do a DEN fieldtrip for a launch? That would definitely be something to see. We could do some research in their education center while we are there.

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