Discovery World in Wisconsin

Today, I had the opportunity to spend time with over 70 educators from Wisconsin and Illinois at Discovery World in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Educators gathered for a Day of Discovery, giving up their Saturday to learn new ways of integrating technology into their teaching and learning.

The day started with welcoming remarks from Jan Wee, the Wisconsin DEN Field Manager and the mastermind behind the interactive activities.  Afterward, I had the honor of speaking to the group, discussing ways in which technology is changing the way our students communicate and interact with others (as promised, I have attached the presentation below).

At lunch time, attendees were surprised with a special preview of Discovery Atlas China.  Premiering on the Discovery Channel in October, Discovery Atlas uses the latest in high-definition technology to strike at the heart of a country and its people.  Over the next five years, this extraordinary narrative will focus on the rich cultures, social diversities and natural phenomenon of the world’s 20 greatest countries, beginning with China on October 1, 2006. 

The afternoon was filled with more incredible sessions including new unitedstreaming tools, beginning and advanced podcasting, digital storytelling and the DEN website.  Special thanks to our DEN member presenters, including Rita Mortenson, Deb Breunig, Brian Bartel and Dale Basler, as well as Stephanie Waite who acted as Jan’s right hand for the event. 

I had a great time at this fantastic event and genuinely appreciate the opportunity to spend the day learning along with these incredible educators.

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  1. Cathy Houchin said:

    I attended this wonderful event. I would like to thank all those who made it possible. I have been coming up with many ideas of how I can use podcasting and storytelling in my classroom tonight. If you have the opportunity to attend a den event like this grab the opportunity. It will be worth giving up a Saturday.

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