Starting in the Middle

Welcome to a space that I hope will be an ongoing tale of sharing about digital storytelling in education. In order to hit the ground running, I’m going to pick up on a couple of conversations that started last week.

The first stems from the kickoff EdTechConnect webinar of this school year which just happened to be focused on digital storytelling. A few attendees were chatting about a student video they had seen that looked at how a young girl’s self image could be distorted by the media. It just happens to be on the site of a program and educator I hold in the highest regard – the San Fernando Education Technology Team, led and inspired by Marco Torres (or Marc O’Torres as we in the Irish-American community fondly know him). Marco and his students just celebrated their 7th iCan Festival de Cine. Check out “Grilled” from iCan 1 to see how powerful a message students can get across in just a few minutes. While you are there, look around. I can think of no better starting place to see and hear the power of student voice.

The second comes from a presentation my old friend and IL DEN Field Manager, Dick Marchessault, offered during a great DEN gathering last Saturday in Milwaukee. In classic Letterman style, he ran through a “Top Ten” list of digital storytelling resources and ideas.

What’s your story?


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