Who would have thought???

Last week, we gathered at Region 10 ESC in Richardson, Texas, for a DEN STAR Night.  DE’s joined for some snacks (of course) and sharing time.  Thanks for Beth Weeks and Linda Rush for sharing some of their cool PowerPoint ideas.  Check out their uploaded resources on the DEN site.

Over the past months, I have heard about an issue from several DEN members.  Sometimes, after downloading a video clip, it mysteriously won’t play as an embedded video on a slide.  It will turn white and nothing happens.  Most people think, "I didn’t download it correctly" or "something is wrong with the video clip" (even though other segments from the same video work fine!).  AAAAHHHHH!  Frustration ensues!

But alas, we have the answer!  Kristine Shih, one of the most fabulous Implementation Representatives, shared how to solve this problem!  (And it’s one of those little tips on the newest User Guides – see page 25.)  CHANGE THE FILE NAME TO SOMETHING SHORTER!  When many of us download, it automatically saves the file as the same name as the segment title.  Sometimes that is really a long title.  So for some reason (Windows Media Player, or something) you have to keep the file to less than 128 characters – I suggest even less.  Who would have thought?!?


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  1. Beth said:

    Yeah! It works!!! I changed the name and used the video!!! Yeah!!!

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