Earn Money for Your School With Learning Adds Up!

Looking for a new way to raise extra cash for your school without the empty calories of candy or cookie dough?  Discovery’s Learning Adds Up program has the solution! 

Learning Adds Up (www.learningaddsup.com) is a unique fundraising partnership between your school district and the Discovery Channel.  Through Learning Adds Up, your school promotes student achievement with the Discovery Channel’s new homework help tool, COSMEO (www.cosmeo.com), while raising money for your school.

Based on unitedstreaming, COSMEO is an encyclopedia for the 21st Century and homework helper packaged in one place online…think of it as a safe, enclosed playground for your student’s brains!  Since content on COSMEO is correlated to state standards, COSMEO is a fun, new way to your parents involved with your student’s education.

Parents subscribing to COSMEO through Learning Adds Up can designate their children’s school to receive up to 25% of the subscription fee, giving your school additional funds for new equipment, field trips, whatever!

So get involved today!  Visit www.learningaddsup.com for more details on how to get started or call your Learning Adds Up Representative at 800/613-7450.

Oh, and GO EAGLES!


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