New Webinar Topics!

Marcus Hill is Discovery’s new Professional Development
Coordinator and is in charge of the online webinars available through
unitedstreaming. These webinars have some amazing topics that will definitely
get Discovery Educators excited.  Some courses include Google Earth,
Digital Storytelling, PowerPoint Lessons, and of course the Builders.

I’m attaching the calendar for the rest of September and October. However, the
way to find them is to go the Professional Development Section of unitedstreaming.

Download Sept_Webinar_Calendar.pdf

Download Oct_Webinar_Calendar.pdf

From now until the end of October, if you attend one of these webinars and post a  comment sharing what you have learned with your fellow members you will receive
a special surprise!


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  1. Stevie Kline said:

    I attended 3 webinars recently (Google Earth. Assignment Builder, and Digital Story Telling) and I learned a great deal in all of them. The first 2 presenters experienced technical difficulties which they both handled with grace and expertise.(It also is good to know that these kind of things can and do happen to everyone who uses technology, not just me.) Thanks Discovery for making these webinars available to us!!

  2. Erik Wittmer said:

    I just finished watching a webinar with Cindy Lane on how to Pop Your Powerpoint lessons. She demonstrated how to make a unitedstreaming image into background. From there, we worked on making some part of the picture
    into a button that was linked to a movie from unitedstreaming. This is a great idea for any age group of students learning about anything.
    The big thing I learned can be found within the link to microsoft. Check it out for a bunch of FREE teacher and student tools that are incorporated into the tool bar of Powerpoint. Webinars are great even if you learn one new idea!!

  3. Dave Solon said:

    Just attended a Google Earth webinar with Marcus. I had only scratched the surface with GE before, but Marcus showed us how to tie it in with US links, create our own places, and measure distances across the Earth using the measure tool. VERY COOL!

    He also pointed out that the next few Sunday nights at 9pm the Discovery Channel has “Discovery Atlas” and it is using Google Earth in the program. I’m going to check it out. Thanks Marcus!

  4. Cindy said:

    I loved the webinar with Cindy Lane on digital editing with Movie Maker. It was great to be able to stay at home and learn about something I could use in my classroom immediately. It was like having your own personal tutor. If you had any questions, you could ask Cindy and have them answered. It was also fun networking with people from different states. You were able to learn how they were using the programs in their classrooms. The webinars are convenient ways to learn infomration and get connected with other teachers.

  5. Jean Thorpe said:

    I attended this webinar and it was great! Although I use Inspiration to have students make a web after they read and have also used it to build background knowledge before reading, I have never linked streaming videos.

    It was very easy to find the videos and photographs to make the map/content come alive for the students and I found it a great way to introduce the book Titanic to my third graders.

    I found lots of resources on unitedstreaming which saved me time seraching all over the web for photographs.

    Thanks, Marcus for a great idea!!

  6. Jean Thorpe said:

    I attended the Inspiration webinar with Marcus and it was great!

    How easy it was to create an interactive concept map using unitedstreaming graphics and videos.

    Thank you Marcus!

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